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The 10 Commandments of Every Content Marketer

5 December 2014 Svetlana Kuznetsova
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Superficially, it seems that content marketing is all about business, products and services.

That’s wrong.

Content marketing (even if it’s a commercial project) is very humanitarian and even more – humane thing. It’s about people, their ambitions and needs. And there is only one thing that matters – your ability to resonate with them. Well, it may sound pathetic but I’ll tell you anyway: content marketing is the strategy of reaching to humans’ hearts. And this sounds even more pathetic: content marketing is a form of modern art. Every art implies philosophy and ideology. So, today we are going to speak not about tips and tricks but things that actually matter.

Unleash your mind

1. Turn on your brain

Sounds strange, but it’s a fact – in everyday life we rarely use the abilities of our brain’s frontal lobe which is responsible for:

  • abstract thinking
  • initiative
  • ability to critically evaluate oneself and events around us

How do you turn this part of your brain on? You must absorb information like a sponge. Lots of information.

It makes our brain work.

10 000 hours of absorbing and analyzing information will give you the opportunity to become an expert. Living with your brain turned on is a great feeling.

2. Don’t take influencers’ word on trust

Far away, there’s a little teapot spinning around distant exoplanet somewhere in space.

Can you debunk it? No

Can you prove it? No.

You must think of any idea as of a hypothesis. Listen to yourself but remember – everything is possible. The existence of a little teapot somewhere in space can’t be neither debunked nor proved. There is always a place for most surprising things in our life.

3. Don’t work on projects that make you lie to your audience

Work with products, services, facts and events that help you audience. Speak frankly with people. Stay inbound.

4. Saturday stands for hard working

Just like Sunday and all the other days. If you want to get the most of your brain you should always be working. Even if people around you think that you are just drinking coffee.

5. Respect other people

Some people are not worth respect, but you should find a reason to try. Everyone’s opinion matters.

-I don’t believe the universe is expanding


-I just don’t and that’s all

Even if you meet a very extraordinary person, don’t be nervous – just be sure that he or she is very good at something else.

6. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

Understand your mistakes if you want to find the truth.

7. Think about the future

Think about your own future, your business, and a market overall. Apply your present experience to the future.

8. Don’t be shy to steal

I don’t mean in arrogant way by taking others’ ideas and retelling them. Analyze others’ materials and give your audience something new. Your own afflatus and inspiration always come from a colossal amount of information you got from others.

All the great writers, journalists, scientists, entrepreneurs were searching their own inspiration in others’ ideas, but no one blames them for plagiarism. Do you know why not? It’s because a man with his brain turned on is not a plagiarist. He is the one who discovers new horizons while standing on shoulders of his contemporaries.

9. Don’t stoop to rudeness while arguing online

Control your anger and be almost like Buddha – calm and reasonable. Regard human rudeness as inevitable. Arguing with 50 sober opponents, there always will be one who is not very well-mannered. And don’t take silly ones seriously – they are like children, you can’t blame them.

10. Don’t envy your competitors

Just go forward.

Former editor at Texterra online marketing agency. She is a graduate of The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. Svetalan started working at "glossies", then turned to PR, where she worked for a long time in different structures promoting the "ConsultantPlus" brand.. She has been engaged in online marketing since 2010. Favourite thing to do is to work with copies. Unfavorite thing to do is to do nothing.
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