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11 Easy Ways to Make an Animated GIF

16 February 2016 Jane Kryukova
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Don’t you think that visual content is a cool thing? Yes, it is. But why? Because it attracts and grabs users’ attention. GIF-animations themselves are a wonderful type of such content appropriate for blogs, social media networks and for whatever you like. You’ll find out how to create a GIF-animation below.

How to create an animated GIF from a video clip

  1. Giflike

This is a very easy handy tool for creating animated GIFs out of YouTube videos. To use this tool, copy a link to a video, put it in the search field on the home page and press “Enter”:

Creation of an animated GIF with Giflike

As soon as a video has been uploaded, pick a necessary video fraction, select playback speed (frames per second) and press “Capture”:

Creation of an animated GIF in Giflike

Then, in a new window you may add some captions to your GIF, if there’s no need to do this, just pick “Publish”:

Creation of an animated GIF through Giflike

On the next page choose “View gif” and save it (press down the right mouse button, “Save as”). A gif created via this service:

A gif created via this service

Shortcomings of the program:

  • There’s always a logo of the program on an animated GIF
  • Impossibility to choose time diapason accurate to the millisecond
  • Impossibility to choose an image size
  1. Imgflip

This service has more advanced settings. It allows to choose an image size (though 480px and more are available only in the full and pay version), cut GIFs, add captions to it, find out the size of a GIF image, change playback speed, remove the logo (in paid version). Time diapason can be chosen up to milliseconds, which is also convenient.

Basic settings of Imgflip
Advanced settings of Imgflip

An animated GIF created via this program:

An animated GIF created via this program

Cons of the service:

  • Most useful functions are available in the pay version only which is $9, 95 per month.
  1. Photoshop

If you don’t want logos of other programs to be on your GIF, you can use Photoshop. Even if you have no experience in working with this program, you’ll make it. Just follow the guide below.

  • Find a necessary video on YouTube and download it to your computer. You can do it with the help of the program like “Savedeo” and others of the same kind.
  • Choose and cut a video fragment. You can do it with the help of any video-splitter or default Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker. Make sure that your video is no longer than 2-3 seconds, otherwise the file is going to be too large and heavy. These very programs allow to add necessary captions.
  • Open it with Photoshop. Select File – Import - Video frames to layers.
How to import video to layers
  • Experiment with settings. Choose File – Save for Web and then try to alter the settings so as the image weight not to exceed several megabytes. Initially my video size was 33, 12 megabytes.
33, 12 M is an extremely large size for a GIF
After lessening the size of the GIF and adjusting color depth my GIF size was 506 kilobytes. This image size is considered to be normal
  • Save the GIF. Enjoy the beautiful image with no watermarks and program logos
  1. Instagiffer

This service permits you to create GIFs directly from video files and video sites. The main advantage is that it’s free of charge and there’s no advertising in it. The program’s easy to handle with.

How to create an animated GIF with Instagiffer
  1. Make A GIF

This is one of the most popular online tools for creating a GIF and what makes it so great is its ability to create GIFs in just about anyway possible. You can create a GIF from a YouTube video, from a video on your local drive, from multiple images, and from your webcam. The only catch is that if you want a higher quality GIF and with no watermark, you need to sign up for the service.

The interface of the service. As you can see it allows to create GIFS not only from YouTube but also from your own videos and pictures

First things first you need to choose from which source you’re going to create a GIF. Our GIF source is YouTube.

Then you need to copy a link to a video on YouTube and Paste it in the field like below:

Then you need to copy a link to a video on YouTube and Paste it in the field like below

Then you select proper parameters for your GIF as follows:

Then you select proper parameters for your GIF as follows

After setting the parameters select “Create GIF at the bottom of the pafe” and wait until the video GIF is done.

The final result

How to create an animated GIF from the screencast

  1. Licecap

Licecap allows to select any part of the screen and to create a GIF from it. A great virtue of this program is that it can cast a video both in a browser and in any other program.

The GIF cast created via Licecap
  1. Gifcam

This works by the same token as Licecap but it has a more modern interface. Basically, it’s the only difference.

Gifcam interface

How to create a GIF from pictures

  1. Ezgif

This is one more program for creating GIFs from pictures. Ezgif lets add captions to your GIF and other visual effects. But it doesn’t permit to add your own logo to a picture.

A gif created with Ezgif
  1. Picasion

The beauty in Picasion is not in the uploading capabilities, but those for capturing photos. In addition to general uploading options for importing photos straight from your computer, Flickr, Picasa, or a URL, Picasion users can allow the application to access and take a series of timed photos using their webcam. Picasion doesn’t have any advanced tools. It only has an option for creating GIFs and avatars.

Creation of a GIF takes very little time
  1. GIF Maker

The free site allows users to upload and subsequently stitch together a series of images, from JPEG to GIF, before viewing the final product in a preview window located on the right side of the page. Once the images are uploaded, users can refine adjustments to canvas size (up to 360,000 pixels) and animation speed (up to 10,000 milliseconds).

First off, you need to upload pictures which you’re going to use for your GIF. After it you need to fix settings according to your preferences on the control panel. Finally, select “Create GIF Animation”

There’s nothing easier than this tool

How to create a GIF on a mobile phone

  1. GifBoom

This application works on phones based on iOS and Android. It’s totally free of charge and is easy to work with.

The app is swift, well-designed, and touts the kind of feature set we only wish was offered on the Web. Look no further if you’re looking to use a quality GIF maker.

Tools for any tastes

To sum up, there are plenty of programs and services for creating GIFs. I have reviewed only 11 of them. If the info has been useful for you, I am ready to answer all your questions and will be grateful for reposting.

Автор: Jane Kryukova
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