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20 Ways to Drive Comments to Your Blog

27 April 2015 Dmitriy Dementiy
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The number of comments posted is one of the key metrics in determining a posts’ effectiveness. If users are actively leaving comments on your blog, then you can be sure that the audience will continue to grow. Here you’ll find a list of ideas to help drive more comments to your blog or website.

The more interesting a discussion is, the more people take part in it The more interesting a discussion is, the more people take part in it
The more interesting a discussion is, the more people take part in it

1. Comment box

Setup a comfortable comments box on your website. Allowusers to remain anonymous, and join in with discussions via social media profiles. The blogosphere welcomes standard boxes for blog engines, where you can use a nickname and put a link to a website.

The free platform Disqus is the best option in most cases. You can also use Facebook comments plugin.

2. Open-ended questions

People love talking more than listening. Use this to get more comments. Ask users open-ended questions. It drives discussions. Here are some examples of open-ended questions:

  • How do you promote your website?
  • How can you explain this?
  • Why did a project fail?

Compare all of these to a closed-ended question: “Do you like sweets?”

3. Lists, valuable content, videos

From our experience, we know that these types of content successfully drive traffic and generate social shares. Of course, it only works if you give users really useful, interesting and quality content. In this case, popular posts generate discussions over them.

Here’s a great source of content ideas: take some popular key queries related to your business. Turn them into posts titled “Top 20 + a query”. If your users often search for WordPress plugins, then write a post titled “Top 20 WordPress Plugins”.

Publish valuable content. Reviews and lists of tools, free books and software, check lists, step-by-step guides – your website must be really useful for your customers.

Post videos. You can create them by yourself or just embed other creators relevant videos into your posts. Pay attention to the huge number of comments on The Moz Blog.

The post with video has more comments then the one without one.
The post with video has more comments then the one without one.

4. Influencers

Do you know how to stimulate famous people share your content or leave comments? Mention them in a post. Mention them again when you share it on social media. Every time a person sees a post about themself, they are more likely to share it with their followers and join a discussion.

5. Provocations

Provocative posts fuel discussions like crazy. Pay attention to the number of comments to the Getting to The Top of Google is Useless discussion.

6. Bots

If you have recently launched a blog or website, then make sure to set up and develop a couple of bots. Let them leave comments, argue with each other and hook up real visitors. Pay attention to the fact that it’s better to create and develop them by yourself. With purchased comments, you’ll get nothing but short pieces of nonsense.


Leave comments to posts on others’ websites and on social media profiles. Don’t forget about commenting via YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting services. Use your social media profiles to register on websites or add a link to your own one. If you leave informative and interesting comments, then users are likely to check your profile and visit your website from there. Many bloggers thank each other by commenting posts on the websites of active guests.

8. Dofollow links

Make the links in your comment box dofollow links. Dofollow linking blogs attract users with a mythical opportunity to improve the link profiles of their websites.

If you decide to use this technique, then think about how you are going to protect yourself from comments like “keep rocking” and “awesome post! Thanks!”. For example, you can make links dofollow only for users who have left a couple of insightful comments.

9. Communication

Reply to any comments on your website. Communicate, try to create discussions. Let users know that you appreciate their opinions.

10. Contests, quizzes, polls

Posts such as these usually get a lot of comments. Offer your audience the chance to pass a test and share their results. Hold a contest for the wittiest comment. Your task is to get a response.

11. Negative

From time to time it might be helpful to post unsuccessful case studies, reports on failed projects, pessimistic predictions and so on. People love commenting such posts. Why? Perhaps, when you only publish stories of your successes, readers consider you to be a celebrity who doesn’t care about their opinion? But when you admit your failures, people see that you are just a usual expert who is ready to communicate.

12. Disputes, controversy

Don’t be afraid of controversial hypotheses, tools and work tactics. Write about something one could hardly believe. Go against the market opinion, stand out. You will be abused, but who cares, if you are right? Let people abuse you, this is what they need a comment box for.

13. Your opinion

Fight for your views on professional issues. For example, do you believe in an endowment policy? Let everyone and everywhere know about it! Why? Firstly, you will be recognised. Secondly, non-conformism is an awesome fuel for discussions.

14. Requests, invitations, suggestions

Ask readers to comment and compliment you on your posts by sharing their thoughts. Let your audience know that each user can speak and ask questions.

15. Trolls

Appreciate those trolls who at least try to prove their opinions. You probably know that some popular forums have full-time provocateurs to write different kinds of nonsense and catch readers’ attention. Trolling makes normal users leave more comments.

You website needs some trolls
You website needs some trolls

16. Series

Serial posts create groups of loyal readers who wait for a next episode and take part in discussions. All you need to do is to find a topic which can be developed into a series.

17. Updates

Refresh your old posts. Give readers some new facts, share your experience and observations. Inform them about updates.

18. Unpredictability

Do your best to surprise readers. Post a humorous article. Share some exclusive data. Arrange a sale. Do something that goes beyond what they expect.

19. Financial striptease

This is what moneymakers love to do. However, serious companies can show a financial striptease as well. Just don’t publish your tax returns and don’t brag about having huge revenues. Remember that you should always stay focused on your customers.

An insurer should talk about payments made. A marketing agency should brag about money they have earned for their customers. An auto repair shop can highlight how much money its customers can save by timely, preventive maintenance.

20. Interviews and guest posts

Talk to influential people, invite famous people to publish their content on your website. This type of content often gets lots of comments.

You can’t force your audience to leave comments…

…but you can make readers want to share their opinions. Don’t think that just publishing quality content is enough for that. For the sake of comments you’ll have to address to influential users, react to people’s words, communicate with them and even provoke your audience. The more actively you engage with your audience, the stronger feedback you get.

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Автор: Dmitriy Dementiy

Copyrighter at Texterra online marketing agency. He writes articles, searches for interesting information and offers practical ways to use it. Dmitriy believes that with help of top quality online marketing buyers find sellers, not vice versa. Do you agree? Then send him a friendship request on Facebook.

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