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The 29 Reasons Your Content Marketing Fails

9 December 2014 Svetlana Kuznetsova
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1. Your posts don’t catch people’s attention.

2. Posts on your blog are dummy copies. Take a critical look at situation and maybe you’ll understand that some of your articles could be cut in one paragraph – an introduction is too long, digressions are useless, and the ending is not informative. Your content shouldn’t contain useless information.

3. You make too many mistakes in your copies.

4. You don’t create original content – you just rewrite other people’s copies.

5. You publish posts from third-party industry blogs. Your blog must consist only of reposts. Lower their percentage ratio.

There are no trifles in content marketing. Everything matters

6. Your content is not worth sharing.

7. You have no professional editor in staff.

8. Your copywriters are mediocre.

9. You publish once a month. It’s not enough to get traffic.

10. You don’t update your blog daily.

11. You don’t have a content strategy.

12. You don’t schedule your posts. You must have a plan telling you when to publish each post you have.

13. You have no clue on the idea of your blog.

14. You don’t have content assets for at least one week.

15. Your copywriters don’t interview experts while writing copies.

16. Your copywriters don’t create original content, they just rewrite more or less decent posts on a subject.

17. You don’t use images in your posts.

18. You don’t write captions under images.

19. You don’t share your posts on social media.

20. You don’t give a check about what people think of you and your content.

21. You overwhelm your posts with terms.

22. You don’t have a portrait of your buyer persona.

23. You don’t know how to build connections with your audience and get feedback from them.

24. You think that email marketing is dead.

25. You don’t spy on your competitors.

26. You don’t optimize your conversion rates.

27. You don’t leverage A/B-testing.

28. You want to run a PPC campaign but you don’t want to improve your corporate blog.

29. You want to get a quick turnaround here and now with minimum investments.

Former editor at Texterra online marketing agency. She is a graduate of The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. Svetalan started working at "glossies", then turned to PR, where she worked for a long time in different structures promoting the "ConsultantPlus" brand.. She has been engaged in online marketing since 2010. Favourite thing to do is to work with copies. Unfavorite thing to do is to do nothing.
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