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7 Qualities of Great Content

12 December 2014 Svetlana Kuznetsova
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Let’s arrange terms first: speaking about quality as of a content’s attribute we don’t mean stylistic perfection in texts. We judge content’s quality by demand for it. The fact that your content is demanded and spoken about by your target audience tells you about real results of your work. Potential customers’ demand for your materials (texts, videos, pictures) is a first step on your way to completing the main task – sales growth. We are going to share with you our opinion on what attributes are inherent to demanded (which means qualitative) content.

7 attributes of a high-qualitative content

1. Usefulness to your audience. Content that helps people solve their specific daily or professional problems is regarded as useful. Try to understand what bothers your audience and create content which answers their questions straightly. Write articles about it, make videos and infographics.

2. Author’s position. People often use internet to know others’ opinions on this or that problem. From this point of view it’s useful to create content like “Sharing our experience”, where author, being an expert in something, expresses his opinion he got from his own professional experience – opinion with arguments, real examples and solid facts.

3. Literacy. Mistakes (we mean all mistakes in global, not some specific ones) are made by everyone, but there is one distinctive feature of professionals – they seek for decreasing their amount. Literacy of your content rates your professionalism as much as perfect finance management does. It’s the sign of your competence.

4. Diversity. Try to make various content, create different types of content, always make experiments. Publish not only texts but videos, interviews, infographics, topical book reviews, share your cases. Mix these types of content: include infographics and comic lines in your articles. Always think how to make your content different, consisting of various forms.

5. Number of shares and reposts. Undoubtedly, number of shares and reposts plays a great role. The fact that your content is read and shared means it is demanded. Promote every your material and work on making it widespread. But remember that a lot of shares doesn’t mean a lot of sales. Read our article about it here.

6. Emotionality and confidential tone. Many people mistakenly believe that the more calling to action sentences, slogans and exclamation marks text has, the more emotional it is. The real emotionality that touches humans’ hearts is an author’s position and his willingness (which can be seen in every sentence) to help his audience in solving certain problems. “Correct” emotions are caused by deep topic study and the ability to give an idea in confidential tone. They are not caused by slogans and ads. People like when they are talked to on an equal footing.

7. Different points of view. Don’t limit yourself to materials about your brand’s products and services. The wider you look at market and its products, the faster you’ll become an expert in your niche. Speak frankly not only about your product’s advantages but also about competitors’ product’s ones. The audience will appreciate your impartiality and will certainly come back for your expert recommendations again and again.


Your materials may possess these attributes or may not. The cuisine of good content doesn’t consist of dishes made by recipes, it’s always a product of original thinking. If you decided to use our tips then make sure that you choose only those tips, which are suitable for each specific text, that you mix them organically and don’t lose a sense of proportion.

And remember: the first task that is content marketing completes is not making qualitative texts but increasing sales and bringing profit. You should make your content qualitative, because it makes your blog interesting to your audience, makes it loyal and works on your expert status. Brand loyalty produces sales.

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Former editor at Texterra online marketing agency. She is a graduate of The Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. Svetalan started working at "glossies", then turned to PR, where she worked for a long time in different structures promoting the "ConsultantPlus" brand.. She has been engaged in online marketing since 2010. Favourite thing to do is to work with copies. Unfavorite thing to do is to do nothing.
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© «TexTerra», At full or partial copying of materials reference to the source is obligatory.
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