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97 Fresh Online Business Ideas for Your New Website

8 October 2015 Dmitriy Dementiy
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Coming up with fresh ideas is hard.

Making them go live is even harder.

Don’t you agree? Do you want to excuse yourself for not doing anything because you don’t have a nice idea? It’s not how things work. In this post, you’ll find all possible ways to make money online. Well, almost all. Study them, choose the best one, and do it!

It’s time to brainstorm for new ideas It’s time to brainstorm for new ideas

1. A simple idea – online store. What can you sell? Anything you like: child clothing, handmade stuff, luxury cosmetics. Try to sell goods you are passionate about.

2. Online insurance broker. Here’s the idea: a customer visits your site, calculates a policy rate, and transfers you money. Then you send them a contract via mail or a courier.

3. Forex trader. Foreign exchange market works online. Why don’t you jump into it?

4. Asset management and PAMM investments. If you are good at Forex, then offer people manage their investments for sharing their profits in return.

5. Content project. What to publish? Here you have endless opportunities.

6. Blogging. It’s one of the ways to run a content project. Write or make videos about something that you and your audience are passionate about.

7. Software and app development.

8. “Talk to Celebrities” online service. You invite an expert or celebrity and then sell a private Skype call on an auction.

9. Affiliate marketing. Sell others’ products and charge your fees.

10. Infoproducts: create and sell courses, webinars, white papers, e-books, and so on.

11. Freelance. Just find a niche you like.

12. Free dating online service. Play nice with a government.

13. Online library.

14. Online coaching. Teach people to lose weight, save money, trade on Forex, date women, play guitar, shave with straight razors, and so on.

15. Social media. Don’t tell me it’s impossible to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Start with a simple, narrowly focused service.

16. Hosting provider. Yep, you have to invest in expensive equipment and have a tough fight to get your place in the industry.

17. Tours and tickets booking service.

18. Online radio. Make sure it’s informative.

19. Stock photos. A good choice for photographers.

20. Online casino. Research all details and legal issues if you don’t want to break the law.

21. Fortune-telling, predictions, and magic online. Every Jack has his Jill.

22. Games. This form of app and software development is worth attention.

23. Cybersquatting. Invest money in registering and reselling domains.

24. Group buying service. Try to work local – in your city or area.

25. Online garage sale. Focus on a specific product niche and make it your advantage.

26. Deal aggregator. It’s a highly competitive industry, but it’s worth trying.

27. T-shirt printing. You can easily outsource all work.

You can even draw prints by yourself

28. Handmade products. You can craft dishes, dolls, furniture, musical instruments, and sell them online.

29. Online counseling and therapy. If people seek for fortune-tellers, they definitely seek for listeners.

30. Yellow pages. Develop your directory of local businesses.

31. Bulletin board. You say someone already made it? Make it better. Or keep searching your Blue Ocean till the end of your life.

32. Amazon and eBay trading.

33. Online paper samples. Develop a service where people can download inquiry samples for almost any case. Find a way to monetize traffic.

34. Legal advice online. Help audience compose papers for company registration, residence registration, and so on.

35. Marketing agency. Why not?

36. Network marketing online. Become a distributor of magic pills and miracle cosmetics. Sell this stuff on your personal site.

37. Online research agency. Run surveys, analyze statistics, sell reports.

38. Time-based exchange system. The main trick is to find a way to monetize this project.

39. Survival training. Start teaching people how to survive a zombie apocalypse today.

40. Drop shipping. Just don’t confuse it with drug dealing. Drop shippers are mediators who deliver products to consumers. In online business, you can become a drop shipper of products fr om foreign online stores.

41. Homemade soap and cosmetics. Sell it online.

42. Homemade pastries. Your local market is a great opportunity.

43. Individual tailoring. Make sure to write a “How to Take Clothing Measurements” guide.

44. Charity. Unfortunately, it’s a business too. Charity fundraisers fr om all over the world take a share of the funds raised.

45. Advice on recruitment. You won’t believe, but many applicants still don’t know how to craft a resume.

46. Moneylending. No, you don’t need a banking license. With digital money, you can lend money to anyone as a natural person.

47. Remote tech support. Do you know how many users have no idea how to set up a router?

48. Internet café. Yes, Wi-Fi is almost everywhere. Make a bet on a café part.

49. Online currency exchange.

50. Online antique store. Buy, restore, and sell antiques.

51. Buying and selling sites. You have to buy an unsuccessful project, improve it, and then resell.

52. Topical forum.

53. Online sale of daily use products. A couple of years ago DollarShaveClub exploded the internet. These guys deliver their customers a pack of shaving razors for just one dollar. You can sell different things in this way: socks, hygiene products, contact lenses moisture, feed for fishes and dogs, and so on.

54. Digitization of old photos, books, and papers. Can you handle it?

55. Online audit. Test sites, software, app, and services.

56. Ghostwriting. You may think of it as of a freelance job. Most likely, you won’t write for politicians, like a movie character. Aim for potential PhDs.

57. Computer courses for seniors.

58. Surprise gifts delivery. A customer pays you $10 and gives an address of a person they want to surprise and make laugh. You pick some stuff and send it to the destination. Customers can’t pick stuff by themselves – it ruins the whole thing.

59. WordPress development. With our guide, you’ll learn how to develop a decent WordPress site.

60. Online realtor. Create an online bulletin board for buying and selling real estate.

61. Remote call center services. You’ll have to hire agents and buy the equipment.

62. Hacking agency. You have to hack everything you see and sell information about security holes to owners. Make sure you know all legal aspects. You’ll probably want to call it a cybersecurity agency, not hacking.

Don’t cross the line

63. Online communities sale. It’s simple: create a community, get a bunch bots there, and grab your $5. If you want to make more, create real communities.

64. Delivery service. Focus on online service – a user must be able to make an order and pay for it online. A courier works only to get or deliver a package.

65. Work exchange service. Create a freelance site for offline workers: plumbers, carpenters, electricians, nurses.

66. Mystery shopping board. Help brands find people to do this delicate work.

67. Organic food sale. This form of e-commerce is worth mentioning. It seems that organic things will always stay trendy.

68. Product testing. Study consumer properties of products and make reports. When you become a famous expert, sellers and manufacturers will start sending you samples for free and pay for reviews.

69. Venture investment. Invest in projects on early development stages. Who knows, maybe one of these 50 thousand startups will become a new Facebook.

70. Coworking space. Create a nice place to work for entrepreneurs.

71. Production of modern gadgets with the Internet access. They could be robotic toys, drones, wearable sensors for kids and pets, smart home devices, and so on.

72. System administration services. You will become an outsourcer for companies who don’t want to hire a full-time system administrator.

73. Online copy center. Here’s the thing: your customers send you term papers and dissertations, photos, and memoirs via email. You print them and send via delivery service. You can charge extra prices for editing and formatting.

74. Pet products sale. Another form of an e-commerce business which is worth mentioning because of high margins. The paradox is that people save money on themselves but pay a lot for pet and kids products.

75. Even planning. Write and sell scenarios for weddings, corporate events, and parties.

76. Online mortgage brokerage. It’s similar to an insurance brokerage – you collect credit card registration requests and transfer them to banks.

77. Medical advice online. Try to win this industry with urgency, live video consulting, and apps.

78. Service to develop designs, layouts, and 3D models of buildings online. Let customers edit layouts by themselves.

79. Online tutoring. Create a board where parents can hire remote tutors for their children.

80. Online price calculation. Create a service to calculate costs of repairs or small constructions. Let users buy services of an actual estimator for an extra price. Charge suppliers of building materials your fees.

81. Credit bureau. In the epoch of the Internet, you can establish credit histories online.

82. Office lunch delivery. No, you don’t have to send soups via Bluetooth. Develop an app for local office workers, so they could quickly order a launch.

83. Prank agency. Your customers leave a request and coordinates of a “victim”. You prank them and get money.

84. Make toys from children’s drawings. It’s simple – a child draws some creepy being, parents send you a drawing, and you make child’s fantasies come true.

85. Adult business. According to Optenet, more than one-third of web pages contain adult content. Take your chance. Just do a research first – don’t even think about breaking the law, including a moral one. Create and sell a beautiful, gentle, and valuable product.

It’s possible to sell adult content legally

86. App development service. You have to compete with TheAppBuilder and Appsmakerstore. However, you’ll stay on the top of the mobile Internet revolution.

87. Play poker online. What does it have to do with business? Professional players make some really nice money. Why not chess, football, or roulette, but poker? Chess and football are good for offline while roulette is all about a chance and luck.

88. Create an online university. You can remotely teach people almost anything: programming, journalism, design. Get a couple of authority lectors. Make your university’s diploma prestigious.

89. Post-mortem messaging service. It’s not new – just rethink the concept of The Last Messages Club. When a club member dies, it sends an email to their relatives and friends. Something like, “Don’t forget to water flowers and take Snoopy for walks three times a day”.

90. Storehouse outsourcing. Just imagine that you have an empty attic. Your neighbors don’t have enough place to store all his things and they don’t want to throw it away. They pay you $5 a year to keep their stuff in your attic. Here’s a business idea – create an online platform wh ere people with empty attics and people with lots of such stuff find each other.

91. Job hunting board for people with special needs. Both employers and candidates will be happy with this service. Start thinking about ways to monetize it.

92. Develop something in the concept of the Internet of things. Put a wireless transmitter and display into sneakers, water bottle, dog collar, or baby diaper. Help customers count miles walked, liters drank. Make it easy to track the health of their kids and pets. You can find a lot of such ideas on Kickstarter.

Soon, very soon your coffee machine or lawn mower will turn into a terminator and enslave the human race. Take you chance to make money on it

93. Find an unusual way to sell ads on the Internet. Look at crazy guys of Captive Media. Try to surpass Tittygram.

94. Online restaurant. It’s simple: a customer visits your site and orders a dish. You cook it, deliver, and cater. You can also put a webcam in your kitchen, so customers could watch how you cook.

95. Service for paranoids. Create a service wh ere users can anonymously store and transfer information, work online and on PCs. Make it a cloud service – like the Edward Snowden’s hacker’s kit. Think about ways to convince people that you don’t work for FBI.

96. Make money on mobile users who need to charge their gadgets. You need an equipment to charge batteries in public places. Ask users to watch an ad, install an app, or register on a site for that.

97. Remote educator search board. Sometimes parents don’t have a chance or courage to pay enough attention to their kids. They give children a tablet or PC and say, “Watch your cartoons, just don’t bother me”. If parents have money for a tablet and internet access, they definitely should have money for a remote educator. Such educators can teach children something useful on Skype.

I could make this list of 150, 300, or 100500 online business ideas. Then you would have to read about online stores of toys, pottery, and thousands of other products. The same applies to mobile apps, site, and services. You can come up with particular forms of general ideas by yourself so you won’t find them in this list.

Try these ideas and share your experience. Feel free to write any notes and suggestions in comments. Perhaps, you have some crazy, unrealistic, or impossibly difficult website ideas? Tell us about them.

Автор: Dmitriy Dementiy

Copyrighter at Texterra online marketing agency. He writes articles, searches for interesting information and offers practical ways to use it. Dmitriy believes that with help of top quality online marketing buyers find sellers, not vice versa. Do you agree? Then send him a friendship request on Facebook.

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