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The Loving Conversion Rate Optimization: Pick-Up Lessons for Online Marketers

20 February 2015 Jane Kryukova
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Is your site in the top results for a lot of queries? Do you have great traffic, but find your conversion rate is too low? And do you have no idea why users don’t convert into customers? Well, you are not alone. Most e-commerce websites face this problem. Believe us, it is possible fix this.

Why aren’t visitors converting?

Websites with low conversion rates can be divided into two groups: impatient Casanovas and timid admirers.

The first group, Casanovas, attack potential customers and overwhelm them with different offers: “Buy”, “Order”, “Subscribe”. They beat their chests and try to get customers through constant pressure. This is their main mistake. Your customer is like a woman – one can’t simply come close and say “Marry me”. You should unobtrusively show that you are a good fit, talk to her about yourself, be charming and give a soft hug. Only gentle relationships of this kind can have a future.

You should be romantic and confident at the same time
You should be romantic and confident at the same time

The second group, timid admirers, acts in a completely backwards way. They romance their beloved ones, give flowers, compliments and show that they are a good choice, but when they proceed to the next stage? They just lack confidence. Our ‘girl’ is ready for a serious relationship and waits for them to take the initiative. In the end these websites also get nothing, because their potential darling leaves them for braver competitors.

As you can understand, both tactics are completely wrong and are two extremes. In order to get converting visitors, you must find the golden mean – combine the full caring approach of timid admirers with the confidence of impatient Casanovas. How to do it? You should pass three stages.

1. Demonstrate your dignities

If you want a girl (a potential customer in our case) to notice you, then first of all you should let her know you are a worthy fit for her. If you want to succeed, you website should have the following elements: good price, quality service, friendly navigation and useful content. What do we mean by these terms:

  • Good price is not always the lowest one. A good price is an adequate price, which is relevant to your product’s quality. Many studies have shown that customers are not likely to choose the cheapest product in a line, because they think that cheapness stands for low quality and poor service. In most cases they are right.
  • Quality service means full service: nice consultancy, fast callbacks, express delivery and punctuality. Customers love good services and are ready to pay for them. Your task is to provide it.
  • Friendly navigation. It must be so clear that a person of any age with any IQ could navigate it. It’s even better if this person doesn’t have to ‘deal with it’ at all – he should be able to click buttons intuitively and always get to the right section.
  • Useful content is the most important part of any worthy beau. This is the thing which helps potential customers study a beau and decide whether, or not, to do business with him. How do you distinguish useful from useless content? It’s very simple. If it helps your users solve their problems, if it answers their specific questions, then it’s useful. Such content can be represented by articles, news, FAQs, videos, infographics, podcasts – in fact, by any content you can create. However, there’s one important rule to follow: whatever content you share at this stage, it must be freely available, which means that users don’t have to fill in any forms or register to get it.

Does your website have all four elements? Congrats – you are a good candidate. You have everything to be loved by potential customers. However, it’s still not enough. Apart from nice natural characteristics you should show customers that you are ready for ‘a relationship’ by publishing the following elements on your website:

  • Simple order form
  • Phone number, which is displayed on all pages
  • Photos (of you and your staff)
  • Email

Have you checked these? Do you already have them all on your website? Then we can proceed to the next stage.

You must prove you are a good fit before moving on to the next stage
You must prove you are a good fit before moving on to the next stage

2. Romance

Ask your users to subscribe to a newsletter or download super useful and interesting content ( for example a white paper or an exclusive interview with an industry expert) by leaving their names and emails in a form. Remember: your calls to action shouldn’t be sharp. Users should understand that you aren’t insisting they sign up, you just let them make a conscious choice.

At this point I’d like to say a little about newsletters. Nowadays many marketers underestimate the effectiveness of this channel for driving customers, and that’s bad. 95% of users don’t make a purchase when visiting a website for the first time – at first they prefer viewing content that is published there. What can take care of this better than a weekly updated newsletter? Nothing.

3. Take the initiative

After showing your care and sympathy for potential customers it’s time to act more confidently, so they just don’t have another choice. It’s best to use these ‘tricks’:

  • Case studies

Potential customers can be very indecisive. They want to get real world evidence that a product or service works before spending their hard earned money. That’s why case studies are a great catalyser of targeted actions. Use them and you’ll never be without customers for long.

In order to prove this, we’ll give you an example from our own experience. Almost two years ago we published a case study on our Russian website, which proved the effectiveness of content marketing. During the following 5 days we had 12 new requests, which was about 4 times more than our average number at that time. In addition, we got a lot of social shares and positive feedback from our audience.

Special offers, put in conspicuous places

Tell your potential customer about the benefits they will get from working with you. Make your offer clearly visible to anyone who visits your website. A banner with a special offer should be displayed on each page of your website (not hidden in the footer, but in the top part of a display), while text should clear and easy to read.

Examples of bad offers and banners
Examples of bad offers and banners
  • Reviews

Reviews, written by real customers, are a great way to increase your conversion rate (if most of them are positive of course). However, it’s not as easy to collect them as you may think. A lot of customers don’t bother to leave reviews, so you should think of a list of questions beforehand.


In fact there are a lot of ways to increase your conversion rates. Sometimes it’s enough just to change a couple of words here and there in some text, and the number of your customers will double. However, believe us that none of these tips will work if your website doesn't have the suggested elements, which were listed in the first point: good price, quality service, friendly navigation and useful content. This is the basis for your conversions, the most important part. Make sure you have this basis and then start experimenting and using some additional methods.

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Автор: Jane Kryukova
Marketer at Texterra. She writes awesome stuff for our blog, composes email newsletters, and is always searching for new tools and methods of site promotion. Jane believes that great content is one of the most powerful weapons of a marketer and successfully uses this idea in her practice. Find Jane on Facebook, where she loves to share interesting posts on online marketing.
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© «TexTerra», At full or partial copying of materials reference to the source is obligatory.
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