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SMM Series: Twitter. A Calm Before the Storm (Part 2)

17 March 2015 Tim Fehraydinov
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Here comes the new day, and so does the new SMM article. With help of my colleagues from MyBlogU I collected the three most powerful tools for Twitter. Here’s what they told me.

Chris Well. DIYauthor

Chris Well

One of my favorite tools for Twitter is SocialOomph. While casual Twitterers might find it bit too much to handle, power-users will love SocialOomph's ability to create lists of tweets that can rotate indefinitely. If you have evergreen content, you can add a message and link to the queue and it will be added to the rotation to retweet at whatever interval you choose -- daily, weekly, monthly, whatever.

As if that weren't enough, what makes SocialOomph GREAT is that you can also include multiple versions of the same tweet – with different wordings, different angles, different approaches – so that SocialOomph will randomly choose which version of the tweet it will send out. As such, you can repeat the core message without hammering your followers with the same exact tweet again and again.

Free SocialOomph features
Free SocialOomph features

SocialOomph is free, but there are limitations until you switch to premium. Premium account gives you a full set of amazing options not only for Twitter but for Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk and

David Leonhardt. President, THGM

David Leonhardt

I love Tweetguru. It allows me to send 12 DMs at a time to a pre-set group of Tweeps. How can this be useful? Here are a few ideas...

  • To notify regular participants about an Upcoming Twitter chat
  • To let folks in your inner network or "tribe" know when you have a new blog post
  • To ask folks in your inner network to help, such as to RT something or to vote for you somewhere
  • To notify interested folks of a new MyBlogU project you've posted
  • To thank people who have recently been helpful on Twitter (or elsewhere)

You can send only 12 DMs at a time, but you can send several sets of 12, one after the other. URLs will not be shortened, so a long URL takes up a lot of your 140 characters. Those are the only limitations I have seen.

Users need to be listed with a comma between their names, for example @Amabaie, @Texterra_eng, @MyBlogU

This really saves time and expands the amount of networking and cooperation one can do through Twitter.

TweetGuru in action
TweetGuru in action

Ann Smarty. Founder of MyBlogU

Ann Smarty

For me it's Tweetdeck. The ability to have most important tweets come to my desktop is awesome for both productivity and efficiency.

Krista Wiltbank also says that Tweetdeck is her favourite Twitter tool. What’s so great about? Well, there is no other dashboard that gives such comprehensive sorting and monitoring opportunities like Tweetdeck. Look at the screenshot below.

For example, I’ve just added a column that tracks mentions of our Russian twitter account @webtexterra. Imagine how great it is to use it to track your competitors’ mentions. There are a lot of possibilities for Twitter users. Ann Smarty described her Tweetdeck process here. Being a passionate Twitterer, she offers great insights into Tweetdeck, so make sure to check it out.

Tweetdeck is full of awesome options. You should definitely give it a shot
Tweetdeck is full of awesome options. You should definitely give it a shot

I want more!

Do you remember the previous article? Check it here. It was part 1, now it’s part 2. Come back and you’ll get part 3 – something that blows a mind away, something unique… Absolutely stunning and long collection of powerful SMM tools with clear instructions and examples. Follow us on social media if you don’t want to miss it – believe me, it’s something you must see. See you soon!

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