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The 50 Best Blog Post Ideas for Your Corporate Blog

3 March 2015 Tim Fehraydinov
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A corporate blog is not a simple thing to run. What can be especially difficult is searching for new ideas, when it seems that everything has been already written about on a blog. Where can you search for inspiration? Reading our list you’ll get a lot of ideas, so you can choose the ones which work best for your business.

Introducing people to your business

  1. Talk about general facts and events. What were the main epochs in your company’s history? Let readers know about them.
  2. Explain the origin of your business. Everybody loves stories about dreams coming true and problems being solved. Show why and how you started your business.
  3. Talk about how you decided to provide this or that product or service? This is your chance to tell people about who launched your business and explain the story of your product.
  4. Talk about the mistakes you made. A lot of people love reading about business failures. Explain the problems you had and give effective solutions to them.
  5. Show your passion. What’s something about your business that makes your heart beat faster? Write about the most catchy moments you had or summarise your experience.
  6. Explain your vision, if your business philosophy is different, show it.
  7. Take readers behind the scenes at your business. Post a video- or photo factory tour, photos of a reception or common room.
  8. Post profiles of your staff. Personify your staff, talk about the most experienced and valuable members of your team.
  9. Writing about a day in the life of your company is a great idea. Describe a typical working day hour by hour.
Texterra’s everyday life. Absolute blockbuster. Monday to Friday, 9:30am-6pm, UTC+3
  1. Sharing funny stories about a work process are always interesting to read. They love reading about something going wrong and absurd.
  2. Lift the veil on your future plans. Talk about your goals for the next year, allude to any possible ideas in order to catch their attention.
  3. Introduce readers to your influencers. Talk about the blogs you are reading regularly and the people who inspire you. Make sure that these bloggers and business gurus know that you are spreading their articles, and they’ll definitely do the same.
  4. Talk about your charity activities. If your business makes itself useful to society, then post video- and photo reports from events like charity auctions or cleaning activities.
  5. Share your customer’s success stories. When you get positive feedback ask for permission to post it on your blog. Use this post to inspire people to share more stories about using your product or service.

Going deeper

  1. Stay trendy. Share your thoughts on how customers’ lives may be changed by brand new inventions with in your niche.
  2. Highlight hot industry news. Watch for new events and actions. Give a shot at newsjacking.
  3. Predict. Everyone wants to know the future – share your thoughts! Mentally high five yourself, if your predictions come true.
So many predictions
So many predictions
  1. Uncover industry secrets or expose lies. A story about what competitors hide is doomed to succeed.
  2. Uncover your own secrets. Is there any thing special about your business hidden away? Talk about it.
  3. Review a product or service – not yours or your competitor’s, but the one that readers probably want to know about.
  4. Conduct a product test. It’s even better if you can review two or more products and compare and contrast them.
  5. Post reviews of books. Review a book you've read, if you think that people will like it.
  6. Conduct market research. Do you think about which brand’s name is more engaging? Run a poll on your blog.
  7. Mention popular posts from other bloggers. Imagine you find an interesting topical article that has attracted a lot of attention. Share your thoughts and make sure to put a link to this post and notify its author.
  8. Combine different opinions in reviews. If you have collected several different opinions on the same thing, then combine this into one post. For example, a review or an analytical article.
  9. Provoke readers. Express an uncommon opinion to make people argue, and you’ll definitely get a lot of traffic.
Not a blog post, but still it was a hot spot
Not a blog post, but still it was a hot spot
  1. Mention famous people – celebrities or just famous people. Even if you do it occasionally, people will surely notice this.
  2. Post celebrities’ replies. You can quickly and easily make a post based on an interview. You can interview an expert who your customers are interested in by sending an email. For example, there is some unordinary person. Ask them to answer your questions. You’d be surprised, but a lot of people will happily accept invitations like this.
  3. Make reports from conferences. Quote speakers who inspired you or tell readers about trends discussed in a recent meeting.
  4. Create rubrics with regular posts. For example, launch a monthly “Customer of a Month” rubric or start a weekly review of interesting articles or events.
  5. Make your articles serial. Split a complicated topic into several articles. A series of articles is a great way to convert occasional visitors into loyal readers.
  6. Step-by-step guides to using products. If there are several ways to use your product or service, then describe one of less common uses.
  7. Share tips and recommendations. Are you running out of time and can’t write step-by-step complex guides? Just share some tips on how to get the most of your product.
Examples of tips-based articles on our blog. Moreover, they are not just tips-based articles– these are lists. Read the next point
Examples of tips-based articles on our blog. Moreover, they are not just tips-based articles– these are lists. Read the next point
  1. Take a full advantage of lists. You can list your suppliers, partners, related books or anything else you find interesting. This article is a list, isn’t it?
  2. Offer something special. For example, you can announce a party where people will be the first to learn about a new product, or you can invite people to visit your company.
  3. Inspire. Sometimes people just want to relax. Highlight things you find interesting and inspiring in everyday life.
An inspirational post by Jessica Hagy. A must read for every blogger. Check it here
An inspirational post by Jessica Hagy. A must read for every blogger. Check it here


  1. Take part in discussions. Invite those who don’t agree with you and write a post, based on those discussions and confrontations.
  2. Answer questions. FAQ-articles show that you interested in saving customers’ time.
  3. Ask questions. What would you like to know about your customers? What would they like to know about you? Just ask them and you’ll let readers become content creators for your blog.
  4. Run a survey among your readers. Survey services make this task very easy. You can also create polls and surveys on social media.
  5. Share the results of a survey. Don’t hide anything from your readers – they shared data, they should know the conclusion.
  6. Hold contests. Announce a contest with prizes for the most interesting offer from a customer or the most unusual way to use your product.
  7. Hold awards ceremonies. “Best of…” awards will definitely catch everybody’s attention. Readers will be curious about who the winner will be, whilst the winner is likely to share the news about an award on social media.
  8. 44. Use customer feedback. If you allow people to comment on your blog, then write a post, based on some of the main points from these comments.


  1. Post videos. Video reviews of new products or video records of an event are great options.
  2. Record podcasts. Record a short audio interview with an expert or just give some useful tips.
  3. Create infographics. Beautifully designed infographics with a lot of facts will always go viral.

Still running out of ideas?

  1. Look for inspiration in keywords. Use Google Analytics to find the most engaging keywords and write about these topics.
  2. Read your competitors’ blogs. Look at what topics attract the most readers in your competitors’ blogs and then share your own opinion on these topics. You can even refer to the original post – some people will take it as a very bold move. For example, our post about growth hacking was inspired by the buzz around this term on third-party blogs.

And finally…

  1. Make a list of your best articles. Articles don’t always work for a limited time period. Once written, they can carry on giving great results, if you give them a second chance. For example, make a review of your best articles from a previous year.
Автор: Tim Fehraydinov
Marketer at Texterra. Before entering the world of online marketing, he had been working for a long time as a black hat SEO copywriter and hadn’t even known about the white side – content marketing. Tim loves to communicate with colleagues from all over the world and discuss the latest news in online marketing.
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