Digital Advertise in China

The internet is open everywhere and for everyone. However, opening the gates to the internet space of China is not so easy. Among the obstacles, you can encounter cultural shock, communication problems, and strict legislation. In China, the online market differs from ours and the Western one in almost everything — different search engines, different promotion methods, different social networks, different consumer consciousness. provides solutions for website promotion in China «turnkey». What do we mean by this term? Read on below.

Send your business on a journey to China

The principles of ranking websites in the main search engines of China — Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, and Soso — are different from the familiar algorithms of Google. Different promotion and optimization techniques are used here.

We are ready to promote your website in Chinese search engines. Let’s see what this process looks like:

Establishing a presence in China

The feature of promotion in Chinese search engines is that sites located on foreign servers have almost no chance of survival. In order to ensure high positions for the website in the results and prevent users from facing slow loading speeds, it must be hosted on Chinese hosting providers’ servers.

Hosting your site on Chinese hosting is only possible if you are either a citizen of China or your legal entity has an official representation in China.’s Chinese representation will take care of the entire process of legalizing your business in the market.

Quick start of sales in China

Want to get results here and now? You won’t need a magic wand — instead, landing pages and contextual advertising will work much more effectively. Baidu and other Chinese search engines have one very important feature — paid ads dominate the results, even if you scroll to page 10, 20, or 50.

Our specialists will develop a landing page specifically for your business and conduct effective contextual advertising, allowing your resource to instantly appear at the top of the results.

Translation of documents and websites into Chinese and from Chinese

If you already have a website or content, Enter China’s translators are always ready to translate any complexity from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English. All translations are proofread by native speakers residing in China.

Legal support in China

The legislation of China is strict in everything related to the internet and e-commerce. Foreign entrepreneurs are especially subject to strict laws.

Just one wrong word or link can lead to the complete blocking of your resource in China. The so-called «Golden Shield» (or «Great Chinese Firewall») harshly punishes all violators in the information space, permanently closing their access to the Chinese segment of the internet.

In such conditions, a deep knowledge of Chinese legislation is not just an addition but a vital necessity for your business. Enter China will provide legal support for your project in China from the very beginning so you can avoid all pitfalls and unpleasant consequences.

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