Website creation in Chinese

Have you ever thought about entering the Chinese market? Even if this idea has never crossed your mind, now is the time to pay attention to it. The world crisis has hit the Planet’s businesses hard. It’s only been a few years since it began, but many sectors are already in a steep decline. When will the situation recover? No one can say for sure. According to most analysts, the peak of the crisis will be in 2025-2026, and it may not end until 2027-2028.

How can entering the Chinese market help you survive the crisis?
The Chinese market holds tremendous potential for world wide businesses. It is the world’s largest economy and has the largest army of potential customers. Just think about it, China currently has over 1.37 billion people (for comparison, German has just over 82 million), with about 731 million actively using search engines and 350 million making at least one online purchase per month. Moreover, they are very loyal to foreign brands, firstly because they consider them to be of higher quality, and secondly because by buying from original manufacturers, they eliminate the possibility of being sold a fake product.

How can I guarantee that my business will be in demand there?
No one can give you such guarantees. The only way to find out is to try it out for yourself. In fact, it is much easier to do than it seems at first glance. You don’t have to be physically present in China to do business there. Just create a website (or translate an existing one into Chinese), promote it on the Baidu search engine (China’s main search engine), and sort out delivery issues. Obtaining an ICP license (without it, it is impossible to conduct legal online trading in China) will take you no more than a month.

You can order the creation of a website in Chinese in our company
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