Spare parts from China

Delivery of spare parts from China

Spare parts from China is a reliable supplier of a full range of parts from China for various industries. We specialize in timely delivery of parts for:

* Cars

* Construction equipment

* Conveyor lines

* Machinery

* Woodworking equipment and metallurgical industry.

Our advantages:

  • Wide base of reliable Chinese manufacturers
  • Highly qualified specialists who can help determine the correct HS codes
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions ensuring timely delivery
  • Possibility of product certification in accordance with international standards

How to order parts delivery from China:

1. Contact us: Fill out the request form on the website or call the phone number listed in the «Contact» section.

2. Provide specifications: Specify the list of required parts and their characteristics.

3. Determination of HS codes: Our specialists will help determine the correct HS codes for proper customs documentation.

4. Delivery: We will organize the delivery of parts to Russia in the shortest possible time, using reliable logistics partners.

5. Certification: If necessary, we can take care of the product certification process to comply with Russian and international standards.

We understand that time and quality are crucial for business, so we strive to provide top-notch services for parts delivery from China. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a detailed commercial offer.