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Den Savelyev
Den Savelyev CEO
strategic thinking artificial intelligence, fishing, camping
Den had been working in mass media and large advertising agencies as a copywriter. He has been engaged into online marketing since 2004. He is fond of artificial intelligence theory, fishing and camping. Den believes that Internet will save the world.
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Vladimir Shumov
business manager
Vladimir Shumov business manager
making tough business decisions airsoft
How often do you see people who manage to do almost everything in time? We see one of them everyday.
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Olga Bezmaternykh
head of sales department
Olga Bezmaternykh head of sales department
revealing the wishes of potential clients books, mushrooming
Before Texterra, Olga had worked as a reporter on a local TV, where she wrote copies and scripts, recorded reports and stand ups. She also worked as a deputy director at a holiday home.
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Tatiana Korobintseva
sales manager
Tatiana Korobintseva sales manager
creative approach to any problem needlework
Tatiana has a degree in computational economics and a techie way of thinking. Wherein, she is very creative. Tatiana is a big fan of needlework.
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Sergey Prostyakov
sales manager
Sergey Prostyakov sales manager
finding a common language with prospects Magic: The Gathering
Sergey is the most active and sociable sales manager of Texterra
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Jane Kryukova
Jane Kryukova CMO
helping people learning new things
Jane came to Texterra right away after graduating from the institute. At first she was working as a copywriter, then moved to the marketing department.
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Tim Fehraydinov
marketing manager
Tim Fehraydinov marketing manager
finding unusual answers music
Tim is very fond of foreign languages and content marketing. While studying at the institute he has been working as a freelance copywriter.
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Dmitriy Dementiy
regular contributor at Texterra
Dmitriy Dementiy regular contributor at Texterra
structuring information chess, good books, Russian rock music
Dmitriy worked in several large financial companies as a marketer and an advertiser for a quite long period of time, but the desire to independently plan his life, wear a t-shirt and jeans instead of a tie and jacket, made him a freelancer.
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Julia Blynskaya
head of customer service
Julia Blynskaya head of customer service
solving problems fitness
Yulia started her career of a manager in the development department in a small private company. Later she came to Texterra because of love for the internet, passion for psychology and desire to communicate with people.
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Andrey Savelyev
account manager
Andrey Savelyev account manager
negotiating snowboarding, diving, travelling

Andrey has a Specialist's Degree in linguistics which helps him find a common language with customers.Before he came to Texterra, Andrey had been working at one of the Ritz-Carlton hotels.

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Valery Pribylskaya
account manager
Valery Pribylskaya account manager
putting all project tasks in the best order Magic: the Gathering
Valery has the most melodious voice in the accounting department. It helps her easily communicate with the clients and quickly understand what they expect from our company.
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Olga Gorshkova
account manager
Olga Gorshkova account manager
analyzing huge volumes of data cynology
Olga is a jack of all trades: she worked as a web programmer, developer of automated systems, web design tutor and so on. Her main hobby is cynology.
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Elina Agisheva
Elina Agisheva editor
perfect grammar photography
Elina is perfect at grammar. She is very enthusiastic at her work. Before writing an article, she always carefully studies a topic.
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Konstantin Rudov
Konstantin Rudov editor
super self-criticism creative work, yoga, travelling
Konstantin learned reading and writing when he was a very small child. In his teenage years he was engaged in writing prose. Perhaps, these facts helped him to become an outstanding editor.
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Daria Zavjalova
Daria Zavjalova editor
stress tolerance PC gaming, bike riding, weightlifting
If you look at the Daria's list of hobbies, you'll find a bunch of not very popular among women activities, like PC gaming and weightlifting. Moreover, Daria has a great interest in all thing construction and building.
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Valery Tykhomyrova
Valery Tykhomyrova editor
multitasking sport
Valery makes a first impression of a very calm and modest girl, but right after you get to know her a little bit better, it gets obvious – wonders will never cease.
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Mary Zinina
Mary Zinina editor
researching every detail of a customer’s business morning run, gardening, books
Mary has been fond of journalism, and was working with local mass media since school. Her hobbies are morning running, gardening and reading classic literature and science fiction.
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Kristina Staschenko
Kristina Staschenko copywriter
researching animal protection
Kristina had been working for regional and central mass media before she came to Texterra. She was writing scripts for a popular science TV-show. She was even a teacher of journalism.
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Kristina Mikeladze
content strategist
Kristina Mikeladze content strategist
keeping order travelling, hiking
Kristina is a young and ambitious girl. She is very sociable and knows how to come to an understanding with anyone.
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Aleksandr Krysenko
project manager
Aleksandr Krysenko project manager
solving unexpected problems travelling across Russia, Russian history
Aleksandr had been working as an SEO before he came to Texterra. When he understood that he reached his limit in this sphere, he decided to change his work to more responsible one.
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Alex Belushkin
project manager
Alex Belushkin project manager
understanding modern SEO trends sport, poker
Alex got his passion for sport and priceless life experience from the military service. He is fond of English football and online poker, leads a healthy life and has a great sense of humor.
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Nikita Lodyanoy
project manager
Nikita Lodyanoy project manager
fast learning music, sport
Nikita is a PPC expert. After his graduation, Nikita noticed that he likes to structure everything that helps him in his job.
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Andrey Gorbachev
project manager
Andrey Gorbachev project manager
finding the best solution reading, paintball, extreme sports

Andrey came to Texterra as a student, but since the day one it was obvious: Andrey will become a great expert. He had no doubts about what he wanted to do and is currently getting better and better at it.

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Alex Samsonov
project manager
Alex Samsonov project manager
diligence computer games
Alex is very modest about his education: “I studied at three universities, but didn’t learn a single thing”. He left two of them by himself, and is still studying at the third one.
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Artyom Aleynik
complex coding expert
Artyom Aleynik complex coding expert
choosing the best of existing solutions hunting
Artyom has a bachelor’s degree in economics, however he found himself in the industry of technical design. This way he came to Texterra.
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Aleksandr Khmelev
web programmer
Aleksandr Khmelev web programmer
imagining future functions before writing a single code line sleeping
Aleksandr has more than 7 years of experience in website development. He doesn’t like bragging and prefers to prove his knowledge in action.
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Valeriy Filonov
Valeriy Filonov programmer
completing complicated programming tasks travelling, reading, sports
Valeriy has a degree in computer systems and networks management.
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Jane Tokareva
web designer
Jane Tokareva web designer
good imagination sport
Jane has been addicted to drawing since her early childhood, so she became a web designer. She started with designing outdoor advertising and printing.
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Ekaterina Danilova
content manager
Ekaterina Danilova content manager
multitasking walking a dog along picturesque places, reading
After Ekaterina had finished a school, she decided to skip a college and start practicing and working immediately.
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Oksana Pimenova
content maganer
Oksana Pimenova content maganer
lightspeed coding camping, travelling
Oksana is our Jack of all trades and one of the best content managers of our company. She's able to do a really huge variety of tasks – from coding to drawing banners and keyword research.
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Yaroslav Chikalov
content manager
Yaroslav Chikalov content manager
finding many solutions to one problem hockey, airsoft
Yaroslav is a very smart and quick-witted guy. Right after finishing a school he served in the military and then came to Texterra.
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Aleksey Pechenkin
content manager
Aleksey Pechenkin content manager
searching for the best way to complete a task web technologies
Aleksey has a degree in technological processes and production automation. He is fond of web technologies, coding and programming.
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Marina Tsareva
chief accountant
Marina Tsareva chief accountant
putting things in order books, fitness
Marina devoted all her adult life to the world of finances. She is a true expert in this sphere.
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