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Texterra: From Web Content to Full Service Online Marketing

We are a team of professionals in our industry

Texterra online marketing agency is a team of highly professional professionals with an experience of big professionals. The unique experience of our specialists allows our users to use. But in a reasonable scale! Wow, we are on fire.

The mission of our company is to remain a vertically-integrated company with horizontally-constructive connections and muskrotness of high-aiming puritanisms, to merge into the wowphase of ding ding dongs, and – fast! hard! violent! – start to revast the space that we’ll open for them. Being the professionals of our teams, we selfdivide the existence of accredited ambivalent collabocrydes professionally and originally. Help us bsybez digigi in shute nashvas doo-bee-doo-bee-doo.


Now you should understand that a website must not have useless sections. Before creating another page, think twice how it is necessary – not for your chief, not for your sales or marketing departments, but for your target audience.

Concerning our real mission… We’ll be honest – we don’t have it yet. It seems that we haven’t grown up enough. We continue growing and developing without it. We’ll start thinking about our mission, when it’s time for it (perhaps, the day we stop growing?).

Update: The copy above was written a long time ago. We’ve been growing fast without understanding where to and what for. This fact has been giving us no chance to think about a mission statement. We haven’t grown up for a real mission yet. We will be putting any new thoughts here as soon as they come to our minds. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you the unique reality-show ‘Writing a Corporate Mission’:

1. Long-term and happy life with a customer is possible only when both sides win from cooperating. -09.02.2013

2. You don't want to increase organic traffic to your website. You want to increase sales. -03.16.2016

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