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42 Facebook Marketing Tips: No BS Guide For Your Business

7 October 2015 Jane Kryukova
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Do you want to create a Facebook business page and make it an effective source of traffic and sales leads? Or maybe you already have one but don’t know how to make it work? This guide will help you. Follow these 42 Facebook marketing tips, and your target audience will love your fan page.

Tip #1. Create a Unique Cover

Your cover photo is not just the face of your brand, it’s also a great place for an advertisement. It’s like a huge billboard, you know – a free online billboard. You can use it to promote your products and services, invite your followers to webinars and conferences and do many other amazing things. Look at the following example to see what is a well-made cover photo. After clicking the cover which advertises a new book, we can see a book description and two Amazon links to either purchase or to review it.

Convince & Convert cover photo

Pay attention to the links in the description – they were shortened with the help of in order to avoid including very long links.

Another thing which you should pay attention to is the quality of this cover photo. As you can see, it doesn’t have any blurred pixels. To achieve the same result, use an 851x315 .PNG image (this size is fixed, don’t make it bigger or smaller by even a pixel). If your image doesn’t meet these requirements, then it will be highly compressed.

In order to create original Facebook cover photos I recommend using the free service fr om trickedouttimeline. It has a variety of interesting effects to make your cover photo look beautiful and unusual.

One of the trickedouttimeline effects

Tip #2. Create a Custom Facebook Web Address

Firstly, think of a custom web address for your Facebook business page to avoid a lot of promotional problems in future. Go to the ‘About’ tab and look for the ‘Facebook Web Address’ option. Don’t rush! Think twice before making your final decision – once chosen, this address is permanent.

About – Facebook Web Address – Enter a Facebook web address

Tip #3. Fill all the Page Info Fields

The more information you share, the more professional and trustworthy your fan page is from the customers point of view, so don’t ignore it. Don’t hide anything – share everything (even the least important details).

Fill out your Page Info in detail

Tip #4. Invite All Your Email Contacts

It doesn’t matter who these people are – your clients, your chat pals or any acquantances – invite all of them to like your page (don’t worry if someone declines to – at least you have made your first steps in promoting the page). Look at the top righthand corner of your page and go to ‘Build Audience’‘Invite Email Contacts’, choose your email service (or upload a .csv email list) and click the Invite Contacts button.

Inviting email contacts to “like” my page

Tip #5. Invite Your Friends

During the initial stages of promoting a Facebook business page it’s necessary to use any method that can drive likes to your page. Invite your friends to like the page. Use the Build Audience feature - Invite Friends.

Invite them all!

Another option is to write a cool private message to them explaining why your page is worth them liking. Do you publish stunning content? Tell your friends. Do you want them to do a friendly favor and like your page and then unlike it, when you’ve built a wider audience? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Tip #6. Invite Your New Friends

Every time you add a new friend make sure to send them a message: “Hi. Thanks for adding me to your friends. Please like my page if you are interested in [something your page is about]. It is upd ated daily with the most interesting and exciting posts about [something]. Here is the page – [link to your page]. Go ahead, feel free to join in :)”

Tip #7. Thank Anyone Who Likes Your Business Page

Does it sound banal, usual and insincere? I don’t think so. What would you feel after getting a private message from a page owner thanking you for joining his or her community? I doubt that anybody finds it disgusting.

Tip #8. Add a Page as Your Workplace

It’s necessary to do so as this way people can reach your page by a link on your profile. Go to your private page – ‘About’ ‘Overview/Work and Education’ – Add a workplace and start typing the name of your page until the moment Facebook shows it.

Adding a workplace

Tip #9. Make Your Likes Section Public

Go to ‘More’ – ‘Manage Sections’, hide any unimportant sections (books, films, music) and sel ect Likes. Do your best to make your page visible in this section – unlike some pages, for example.

Likes strike the eyes of those who go through your timeline

Tip #10. Put a Link to Your Page in Your Twitter Account

Make sure the link begins with http://, or it won’t work.


Tip #11. Add a Page URL to Your Twitter Background

Place it correctly – your tweets must not block your URL. The recommended size is 1900x1200. It’s necessary to check your background at different screen resolutions. Don’t change your screen resolution every time – just use Screen Resolution Tester for Google Chrome.

Settings – Design – Customize your own

Tip #12. Add a Link to Your Fan Page in Email Signature

Let every person you email see a link to your Facebook Page. If you use Gmail, then go to Settings – General – Signature.

Editing a signature in Gmail

Tip #13. Make Your Content Amazing

Posting great content is the most reliable way to make your page popular. Write updates announcing new blog articles, publish infographics and videos of high quality, engage in interesting conversations.

Ran out of content ideas? Here's a list post to help you: 99 Blog Post Ideas to Overcome Writer’s Block

Tip #14. Make Your Posts Regular

According to statistics, those who post at least once or twice a day engage and build a much larger audience than those who publish three or more times a day.

Tip #15. Use Sharegrab

Sharegrab allows you to find most popular content from chosen Facebook Pages quickly.

Tip #16. Browse Statistics

Track your target audience:

Track your target audience

Track your most popular content:

Track your most popular content

See when your fans are online:

See when your fans are online

These things will help you to create content which is as good as possible, has a high engagement rate and which is strongly in demand by your audience.

Tip #17. Use Quality Brand Images

Beautiful images with your logo will create a unique style and increase awareness of your brand.

Images on the official MasterCard Facebook page

Tip #18. Pin Your Best Posts to Top

Posts with the most likes and shares should be featured in a prominent position, so those who haven’t read them yet will do so immediately. Click the arrow in the top righthand corner and choose ‘Pin to Top’.

It very easy to pin a post to top

Tip #19. Use Call to Action Buttons

Still thinking that a CTA button can only be attached to adverts? You’re wrong. There is one trick to using it for free. We’ll need the Adverts Manager to do so, but don’t worry – it’s absolutely free. One disadvantage of this trick is that it doesn’t work with groups, but we’re talking about pages in this article, right?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Build Audience’ – Use ‘Adverts Manager’
Go to ‘Build Audience’ – Use ‘Adverts Manager’
  • Click ‘Power Editor’
Click ‘Power Editor’
  • Choose a page and click ‘Create Post’
Choose a page and click ‘Create Post’
  • Fill out the fields just like the arrows point to on the screenshot below
Fill out the fields just like the arrows point to on the screenshot below

You can also choose the following options in the Call To Action menu: Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now and Download.

  • Click Publish Post
Click Publish Post
  • Schedule a time if necessary
Schedule a time if necessary
  • The last step – click Upload Changes
The last step – click Upload Changes

Done. A beautiful post with a CTA button is published:

Example of a post with CTA button

Tip #20. Ask People to Like and Share Your Posts

There is nothing wrong with asking people to like or share your post, if it’s really worth it. You’ve put your effort into writing it, and you have a right to politely ask for this kind of reward.

Tip #21. Ask People to Follow Your Fan Page

Well, if you are at least a bit familiar with Facebook promotion, then you should know that Facebook has a one unpleasant attribute – even if a user likes your page, it doesn’t mean, that he or she will see all of your posts. Facebook’s algorithm decides whether or not to show something by itself, and there is no way you can change that…

However, you can trick it! All you have to do is to persuade your readers into clicking the ‘Follow button’ (this way they’ll receive notifications for all posts on your page). Try to make a great cover photo with an arrow pointing to this button and a call to action. You can find a lot of services to make it for you. For example, Facebook Cover Maker.

Well, it’s not the best example, but you should get the idea

Tip #22. Promote Your Page on all Social Networks You Use

Create an interesting post on your Facebook page and share it on all other social networks wh ere you have at least few followers. Add a link to your page and explain why people should join or follow it.

Tip #23. Promote Your Page in Email Newsletters

If you write newsletters, then tell your subscribers about your Facebook page and explain why they should check it out. If you don’t conduct newsletter campaigns, then start collecting a subscribers list now. You are ignoring one of the most powerful channels for driving both traffic and sales leads.

Tip #24. Contact the Admins of Other Facebook Pages

Contact the owners of other Facebook pages and ask them to recommend your page, in exchange you’ll recommend their pages. The same thing can be done with newsletters (if both of you have quite a similar number of subscribers) and to any other traffic-driving channel.

Tip #25. Add Like Box to Your Site

Like Box is a small widget that allows your users to like your page without leaving your site. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is to sel ect the necessary options, copy the code and paste it to your site.

Like Box settings

Tip #26. Create Your Facebook Badge

Facebook Badges are small cards containing the most important information about you or your brand. Click here to create it – choose a badge type, edit it and paste the code to your site.

Wow, a personal badge for my Facebook page!

Tip #27. Use Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

This plugin can be extremely useful, if you are using WordPress. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a pop-up window which adds a call to action to like your page. Open the settings and enter the following data to launch the plugin:

  1. Numeric Page ID – click question mark, enter your page’s URL and press Fetch to get it.
  2. Enter a delay for the pop-up window to appear.
  3. Choose how often to show a pop-up again for an individual user after closing it.
  4. Whether a lightbox should be closed when clicking on an overlay or not.
  5. What pages should contain a lightbox.
Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox settings

Tip #28. Fix Hello Bar at the Very Top of Your Site

Hello Bar is a powerful tool to collect likes, and it’s absolutely free.

Use Hello Bar on your site to collect Facebook likes

Tip #29. Use Taggled.Tv

With help of Taggled.Tv you can add clickable tags to your videos. By clicking these tags, users follow a link or get some additional information. Watch this video to see how it works:

Tip #30. Tag Other Users

When you tag other people using an @-sign, there is a big chance that your post will appear in their timeline (most Facebook users have this setting se t as default). Thus, their followers become yours.

I was tagged, and a message appeared in my timeline immediately

Tip #31. Let Users Participate in Polls and Surveys in Exchange for Likes

Use the free Facebook Poll service or the free trial Wishpond service. With their help, users will be able to participate in polls or look at the results only after they like your page.

Tip #32. Exchange discounts for likes

Use either the Facebook Coupon App or the Social Offers App. The first one allows you to create personal discount coupons, activated after a person likes your page. The second one activates a discount after a certain number of people take part in action. Both of them are paid-for apps, but there is a free trial period.

Tip #33. Exchange Quality Content for Likes

Do you have any downloadable content on your site? Let users download it, but only after they like your Facebook page. Users click the Like button, and then they get a download link. There are a lot of tools that let you do this (for example, Pay with a tweet or Socialpayme), but if you have a programmer it's better to ask him to write a special code for this and customize it for your needs.

Tip #34. Buy Adverts

You can reach more people with help of adverts. Choose your best post and click the Boost Post button, fill out the fields and wait for result.

Boosting a post on Facebook

Tip #35. Upload a Photo with Your Fans

Do you happen to take part in conferences or meetings? Upload a photo with your fans to Facebook and mention everyone whom you were with using the @ sign.

Tip #36. Leave Comments on Other’s Posts

Leave helpful and detailed comments on others’ posts. Try to make people interested in your profile, so they visit your personal page and your brand’s page.

Tip #37. Write a “10 Reasons to Like Our Facebook Page” Article

List all the reasons why people should like your page. Add a screenshot to each point highlighting it. Don’t forget to put a link to your page at the end of an article and write an amazing call to action line.

Tip #38. Write a Guest Post

Ask a platform’s owner to put a link to your Facebook page instead of to your website. If the platform is popular enough, and your article is appreciated by its users, then you should get a lot of visitors to your Facebook page.

Tip #39. Conduct a Webinar

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to collect likes on Facebook – you can verbally recommend your page to loyal people (well, they are taking part in your webinar – they already hope they can learn something new fr om your experience) and add a link at once.

Tip #40. Promote Your Page at Industry Events of Your Market

If you are an expert in your sphere, then you probably take part in industry conferences and seminars fr om time to time. Take charge of this opportunity. Create a beautiful banner or print booklets with a description of your company. Don’t forget to put a link to your Facebook page.

Tip #41. Make Presents With a Link to Your Page

T-shirts, caps, cups and stickers – all of these things can help you promote your brand on Facebook. Devoted users will accept your gifts with pleasure, while you improve awareness of your brand (which is especially important for local businesses).

Example of a t-shirt with a printed Facebook link

Tip #42. Tell Almost Everyone You See About Your Fan Page

Trigger word of mouth shares. Let everyone know that your page is great, it’s impossible to ignore and impossible not to like it. However, make sure that it’s true, before doing so.

Dear friends, please like our Facebook page, if you find this article helpful. It will be the best show of appreciation.

Автор: Jane Kryukova
Marketer at Texterra. She writes awesome stuff for our blog, composes email newsletters, and is always searching for new tools and methods of site promotion. Jane believes that great content is one of the most powerful weapons of a marketer and successfully uses this idea in her practice. Find Jane on Facebook, where she loves to share interesting posts on online marketing.
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