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“Minusinsk”: Yandex Launches an Algorithm That Penalizes Websites for Using Unnatural Backlinks

15 April 2015 Den Savelyev
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At a conference in Belarus, Alexander Sadovsky, the official representative of Yandex, announced that the search engine will launch a new algorithm called “Minusinsk” which will penalise websites for using unnatural backlinks.

Alexander Sadovsky tells about the new Yandex’s algorithm “Minusinsk”
Alexander Sadovsky tells about the new Yandex’s algorithm “Minusinsk”

During his speech, Mr Sadovsky said that unnatural backlinks have a negative impact on the quality of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). He explained unnatural backlinks serve as “useless noise”, detracting from the key message within the website’s content and reducing its’ overall quality. Moreover, their usage encourages webmasters and website owners to spend ever increasing amounts of time and money creating low-quality websites to earn more backlinks, resources that could be better spent improving the main website. This is why the “Minusinsk” algorithm will work to penalise websites that use unnatural backlinks, rather than remove the backlinks themselves. By implementing the “Minuinsk” algorithm Yandex seeks to strongly encourage webmasters and website owners not to use unnatural backlinks. The effects of the algorithm will not be instantaneous. At first, “Minusinsk” will warn websites that are at risk of penalisation by sending messages to the website owners, via Yandex Webmaster and SMS. Only if the website owners do not follow Yandex’s recommendations and remove the poor backlinks, will their websites be ranked lower.

Sadovsky warns that Yandex needs some time to reindex a website. Therefore they encourage webmasters and website owners to remove poor backlinks immediately, rather than risk leaving it too late to take action and potentially losing their SERP ranking. As you can see in the video below, a girl unwittingly reinforced Sadovsky’s statement by running out of the room as he made this point. Not one to miss a trick he quipped, “And here runs the race leader!”, much to the audience’s amusement.

Yandex’s new algorithm will impact websites covering all topics and regions. Even big brands with high levels of online traffic won’t be immune to the penalties, should they not comply. Although concerns have been raised by website owners, Sadovsky has reiterated that “Removing backlinks will not hurt your ranking – not removing them will”.

We at Texterra welcome Yandex’s new algorithm and believe that it will lead to the cleansing of both Russia’s online eco-system and the internet search engine market as a whole.

What do you think about the launch of the “Minuinsk” algorithm to remove unnatural backlinks? Have your say in the comments below.

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