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Unlocking the Potential of Chinese Markets: 4 Steps to Successfully Procure Technically Complex Goods

Technically complex goods, such as machinery, equipment, household appliances, spare parts, and industrial products, require careful specification checks.

In the USA, Europe, or Latin American countries, it is likely easier to procure such goods for resale as they can be seen and assessed in person, and come with warranty and after-sales service.

However, sourcing such goods in China is more challenging due to the large number of sellers, the need to address all issues remotely, language barriers, and limited warranties. But overcoming these challenges is justified. You can obtain a value for goods that you may not find in any other country in the world.

To successfully procure such goods in the Chinese market, it is advisable to follow the 4 stages of the process to avoid wasting time and money.

Sourcing such goods in China is more challenging due to the large number of sellers, the need to address all issues remotely, language barriers, and limited warranties

Step 1: Define Detailed Technical Specifications

Gather comprehensive information about the product, including dimensions, material, shape, application area, and other parameters. The more data you can provide, the more efficient the search process will be.

For instance, for a machine, it is necessary to specify the following data: machine type, exact model name, its purpose, performance, energy consumption, and available additional options.

Whether you are sourcing a supplier independently or entrusting this task to a procurement professional, detailed specifications and functional features play a crucial role.

An ideal scenario would involve having photographs of the product, its brand, and specific model, which would expedite the process of finding a trading company or manufacturer.

Step 2. Finding Products on Online Platforms: How to Find the Equipment You Need

Most often, complex equipment can be found directly from manufacturers through a search on the Baidu platform. To do this, you should look for a factory with a range of products that meet your requirements on Baidu, find their contact information, communicate through the WeChat messenger, and negotiate the order.

Another important point to note! Chinese manufacturing companies can be divided into two main categories. Some specialize in mass production and actively promote their products through marketing campaigns to increase demand for their finished goods. Others engage in contract manufacturing, producing goods only on individual orders. These companies often do not focus on marketing and may offer more affordable prices. However, the quality of the products can vary significantly — from high to low levels.

However, the issue lies in the fact that such companies usually do not have websites or accounts on online platforms. They are oriented towards the domestic Chinese market and prefer to conduct deals in person. For an unprepared buyer, it can be challenging to independently find such a factory.

The easiest way to find the necessary equipment is through photos on popular online platforms. Find a photo of the required equipment, save a screenshot on your computer, and then use the image search function in the search bar.

If there is no photo available, you will have to search by keywords through the search bar. However, be attentive, as online translators often provide incorrect translations.

Keep in mind that the more platforms you use for searching, the higher the chances of finding the desired product. For example, we found the best deals on rebar bending and cutting machines on 1688, digital translators on Taobao, and electronic rectifiers on Alibaba.

Step 3: Compare offers and place an order

It is convenient to gather data for comparison in a table.

Tip: Regardless of where you found the product, inquire with the seller about the possibility of purchasing it through 1688 or Taobao. Here, transaction protection is usually offered — similar to insurance when paying the supplier.

After making a decision, it is time to place an order for delivery. Based on the dimensions of the shipment, the China sourcing agent will determine the shipping cost, purchase the goods, and organize their transportation.

Tip: For a quick estimate of shipping costs from China, use our application form below.

Step 4. Verify the quality of the goods before shipping to your country

Returning defective goods to your country can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

It is easier to do this from a warehouse in China. Much depends on the seller and your logistics company — whether a product audit will be conducted. Workers at your cargo carrier’s warehouse can inspect the goods according to your instructions, so prepare a technical specification for them. However, it is important to understand that warehouse workers do not have all the necessary expertise, and it is unlikely to be worthwhile to conduct a full audit of the equipment with them.

Some manufacturers provide a warranty for their equipment for a year, while others claim that once the goods leave China, they are no longer responsible. Nevertheless, most Chinese suppliers are willing to help if the buyer receives defective goods, as their reputation is important to them. When purchasing technically complex equipment, ask the intermediary to check it against the technical specifications before shipping. It is important that the company conducting the inspection has engineering qualifications. Therefore, it is important to seek help from an intermediary company specializing in the inspection of complex equipment to ensure the quality and reliability of the goods.


Overall, sourcing specialized goods is complicated due to a limited selection of factories, high technical requirements, language barriers, and the customer’s geographical distance. However, none of these factors are insurmountable. It is possible to work with China independently, without involving intermediaries. If you believe that a intermediary company can reduce your risks, feel free to reach out. We, like Chip and Dale, are always ready to help.