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– Are these projects in portfolio everything you’ve done since 2007? – a rather popular question among our clients.

– No, they aren’t, – we usually answer.

– But why don’t you show the other projects? – they continue asking.

A good reasonable question, but the truth is not very pleasant to hear. We don’t show you all the projects we had ever had because, firstly, it’s too long and rather difficult (but that’s not the main reason, of course), and secondly, we prefer spending every free single minute on completing other, more important tasks. So if you want to see the full portfolio, don’t be shy to ask us directly: did you do this? and did you do that? Our main specialization is targeted traffic and online sales increase, but beside these two activities, since 2007 we have made a tremendous amount of other things. Just email us your question and we’ll show you everything that we did in the field that you are interested in.

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