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Content Marketing

Content marketing is our main area of expertise.

Concerning digital marketing, it’s important to hear sounds of a tuning fork – if your marketing instrument is out of tune, then it’s time to face new challenges. Don’t you feel that it’s time to tune the violins? The era of content marketing has begun.

What exactly is content marketing? To answer this question, we need to define what it is NOT. So, content marketing:

  • Is not an optimization of your website for specific keywords to get top positions.
  • Is not an optimization for Google only.
  • Is not an optimization for a keyword list of 10-20 queries.
  • Is not a waste of your budget on buying links.
  • Is not a bunch of useless monthly reports.

We provide the following content marketing services:

  • Web content writing (expert posts on your website, corporate blog, etc.) – minimum 40,000 characters per month (up to 2-3 million characters for some projects – we can really do that). Each copy is written with SEO in mind, but still for humans, not for search robots.
  • Monthly keyword list build-up (minimum 50 new keywords per month).
  • Coding content to your website (according to search and usability guidelines).
  • External link building, earning new quality links according to a work plan.
  • Social media content creation. Community management.
  • Implementation of a website internal linking structure.
  • Infographics (optional).
  • Video content (optional).

Content marketing is a consistent growth of target traffic to your website. By creating new content, you get more pages of your website indexed – pages that give value to users.

Content marketing is a real battle for an audience reach.

Finally, content marketing is about making visible changes on your website.

We start working on a website. And we keep doing it consistently.

Pricing for content marketing services

depends on:

  • A website itself, its tech condition and search engine visibility;
  • Number of content promotion channels;
  • Amount of content we create per day/week/month;
  • How deep it’s necessary to immerse in your business;


Ditch the idea of “it’s too expensive, I can’t afford it”. In fact, prices start at as little as $530. Fill and submit the form below or request a callback. We’ll make you a business proposal in the shortest possible time. We are sure that content marketing is still an underrated strategy. That’s why it costs less than it may seem to.

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