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Great content is one of most important parts of a high conversion rate, which means of your business’ growth. Unique and interesting web copies motivate people to buy and order services from a seller who managed to deliver information better than others. Content trust plays a great role in the buyer’s journey, when a person decides to buy or not to buy. Wherein, regular content updates are a very effective way to improve search visibility.

Web content is content for humans. Search engines are getting better and better at understanding quality of copies (more precisely, at how visitors engage with a page). Great copies are investments that pay back. They pay back faster than you may think.

Why should you buy web content writing services at our agency?

  • We have full-time journalists with big experience in mass media and advertisement agencies. All of them have degrees in journalism, philology and marketing.
  • Each copywriter works in a variety of genres: from news in diesel industry to analytical reports on foreign real estate markets. We take every project serious. If you entrust web content writing to us, you can be sure that your web copies won’t be amateurish.
  • A professional editor proofreads all copies, so they have no mistakes, typos, inconsistencies in sentences and so on.
  • We don’t write copies for SEO. Keyword stuffing, tautological repetitions with different forms of keywords (“London apartments are apartments in London”), headlines taken from Google Autocomplete (“London Apartments for Sale Price”) – you won’t find all of these in our copies. We write for humans. Wherein, search engines love our copies.

Benefits of working with us

  • We know how to explain even the most complicated topic in a simplest way.
  • Before the start, we write a work specification, where we list all expected activities. After a final coordination, a copywriter gets in touch with a customer and takes a blitz-interview to understand all specifics of a product or service.
  • You can ask for unlimited edits. We’ll do as many edits as necessary to make our customer happy with a copy.

Specifics of web content writing

It’s a mistake to think that after you’ve ordered a web content writing service at an agency (it doesn’t matter from which one) you can sit back, relax and wait for overnight results. Let’s face the truth – there are no miracles. Even if your copy about LCD TVs is top-notch, you won’t sell them, if they cost 50% higher than of your competitors’. Our task is to identify actual unique advantages of a customer’s product or service and describe them in a copy. But we can’t make up these advantages if there are just none of them. Identifying advantages is always a collaborative process. Moreover, you must know about both your advantages and disadvantages. This is the only way we can write a copy that explains, motivates and sells.

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