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White paper is a document which describes a specific problem and proposes concrete ways to deal with it. As a rule, white paper contains a description of brand’s good and explains how it can help to solve customer’s problem. White paper is a great visitor-to-customer conversion tool. According to latest researches, this type of content is at the second place in effectiveness rating, right after case studies.

Why does this tool work so well?

  1. Customers love white papers because they value a lot. People love to study. And companies, generously sharing valuable information with their target audience, are trusted and respected.
  2. White papers allow to place a potential customer in a sales funnel. Many people are ready to fill in register forms and leave their contacts just to get answers for their questions.
  3. White papers have a great viral potential. They can be passed from hand to hand, sent via email. An ordinary flyer containing no useful information is unlikely to be spread among colleagues, partners and customers.

Why should you order a white paper in our agency?

  • Our staff consists of highly experienced copywriters, who have finished hundreds of successful projects. Before writing a text they carry out a deep study of a subject, take a detailed interview with a customer and make all the things clear. And only after that they start working. As a result, you get a detailed qualitative text which nudges readers toward buying your product decision.
  • All our texts are read by professional editors (native UK and US speakers) before they are sent to a customer. That’s why you won’t find a single mistake in our white papers. Moreover, they are stylistically ideal.
  • Our designers will create for you a design that doesn’t distract a reader from textual content.

How much does it cost?

The price of white paper design and marketing in our agency starts from 200$ and depends on difficulty of designing process and volume of content.

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