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Full Service Digital Marketing

Imagine that you sell computer and house appliances, manufacture PVC windows, metal frameworks, build or renovate houses. You know this business inside out, deliver exceptional services to your customers and always do your best. But it’s not enough. In the epoch of data, you have to fight for your consumers’ minds.

What does it mean?

The problem is that there are plenty of your competitors. They also work great, and their services are not just exceptional, they are five-star exceptional. Damn it, even their prices are lower by 5% which doesn’t make your life easier.

There is only one way for you to stand out from your competitors. Your business must become useful and even irreplaceable for all your prospects and current customers. How do you do this? Give them expert information. This is where digital marketing rolls in.

How does full service digital marketing work?

If you are an old hand at business, then you should know that potential customers don’t pay much attention to advertising. It’s called ad blindness – people ignore huge banners, skip TV ads and so on. Your customers know how to finish a buying decision journey by themselves.

People get information from different sources, compare characteristics of different products, and only after that they come to sellers. How do you think, where do they buy, if all offers are almost the same? That right, they buy in a place that offers lowest prices, higher discounts, and consultants wearing shorter skirts and deeper necklines.

There is only one way to avoid counterproductive competition and damping. The first contact should happen in a consideration stage, when a potential customer is just starting to think about a product.

When you become a reliable source of information, you get the following advantages:

  • Customers start trusting you. Trust builds loyalty and emotional connections with your brand.
  • You optimize your sales funnel.
  • You reduce your customer acquisition cost. You don’t have to pay mad money for banners, buy time on TV and so on.
  • You start getting warm leads. In other words, you don’t chase your prospects. They do it. Isn’t it a dream of all salesmen?
  • You gain an authority. Not only customers, but your colleagues start listening to you. You don’t have to be a genius to transform it into sales, right?

The only thing left is to learn how to properly market your brand on the Internet.

The anatomy of full service digital marketing

The foundation of any marketing project is information. It delivers all of the above mentioned magical advantages. Every digital marketing campaign at Texterra starts with creating content with extra value. At the same time, experts make sure that a website meets search engines’ guidelines. We also pay attention to content promotion, social media, crowd marketing and guest posting. Finally, a website gets ready to convert visits to deals.

Content strategy development and implementation

Your website must turn into a place where people can find fresh news, useful tips, reviews and recommendations. To succeed in fighting for users’ attention, you must create different types of content:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Images

Experts at Texterra start developing a content strategy with a market research. Studying your niche is essential if you want your content to be exceptional. After studying audience’s demands, we collect as many keywords as possible and build a keywords list.

Technical compliance of a resource to audience’s demands and search engines’ requirements

Web designers, SEOs and UX experts are responsible for this task. They develop site architecture, its functions and make them easy to use. Proper on-page SEO helps search engines index pages of your website.

Meanwhile, experts take care of mobile optimization. In most cases, responsive web design is the best solution.

Content marketing

Online promotion means active marketing of your content and overall business. You must deliver remarkable content to your audience until the day users start catching every blog post and learning your tweets by heart. There are several ways to do it:

  • Guest posting on authoritative industry blogs, popular niche resources and mass media

Pay attention to the fact that guest posting is not about links. It’s about reaching more people and raising brand awareness. Links are just a sweet bonus you get for delivering exceptional content.

  • Social media marketing

We use social media and niche forums to make an audience engage with you brand. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are great mediums to make connections with your potential and current customers.

  • Paid search and social media ads

Paid search ads are less affected by banner blindness, comparing to traditional display ads. The secret of targeting is that you display ads to users who are already show interest in a product of your category. With paid search ads, you can get traffic and sales in short terms.

Conversion rate optimization and user experience

Digital marketing is not only about traffic. Your website must turn visits into conversions – calls, requests, sign-ups and purchases. Landing pages with relevant copies and proper usability can help you with that.

At the same time, user and usage data is getting better – session depth, avg. session length, bounce rate. These metrics show search engines that people are interested in your website, that they consider it as a good source of information.

What pricing for digital marketing services?

Usually, we offer to choose a package that will work best for you. But if you need a single or several services from a package, we can do it. Fill and submit the form below or contact us in any other way. We are happy to discuss all details of a possible marketing campaign for your business.

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