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Converison Rate Optimization

You have a “nice website”, “great service” and “copies that sell” but your conversion rate is still low? And you have no idea what’s wrong?

Well, that’s ok. Conversion rates are always very whimsical and unpredictable. And if someone tells you the opposite, then don’t believe it – no single person in the whole world, even the most professional experts, can’t tell why your conversion is low.

Why? Let us give you the example.

We all know that red CTA buttons decrease conversions rates, right? Any marketer will confirm it. Numerous experiments and our own logic tell us the same – red is a very aggressive color. You don’t want to use it. But what if we told you that it’s not true? For example, these guys (see p. 3) managed to increase their conversion rate by 34% with a red button. Got what it’s all about?

Don’t rely on your gut feelings, don’t think of yourself as of great psychologist who understands behavior patterns, and, of course, don’t rely on “CRO experts”. We witnessed hundreds of cases when non-obvious changes had increased conversion rate by dozens of percent. And vice versa, when logical and reasonable changes didn’t drive any result.

That’s why there is only one way to optimize a conversion rate:

Make a hypothesis -> A/B-test it -> Implement a variation with a highest conversion rate

So, if you are serious about conversion rate optimization, you should understand the following:

  • 1% conversion rate increase may double your income. In many industries only 1 out of 100 visitors becomes a customer. What if there will be two of them?
  • There are no universal solutions for CRO. It all depends on your website, industry, pricing and terms of delivery. Keep it in mind before making changes on a website.
  • It’s impossible to increase conversion rate without analyzing your current audience and how they use your website.

And the last one. Don’t be afraid to experiment, write non-obvious hypotheses: sometimes even simplest changes may drastically affect your website’s conversion rates.

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