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Texterra is PPC management agency with professional managers in staff. We know how to get the most of your budget when running a PPC campaign. To order PPC management services, please contact us via

Paid search is the fastest way to get customers. With PPC, you can show your ads exactly to your target audience and those who are already interested in your product.

Where your ads can appear

Texterra Digital Marketing Agency specializes in running PPC campaigns in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct. Your ads will appear on SERPs and will be relevant to users’ search queries. That’s why PPC is the least annoying form of online advertising.

Prices for running a PPC campaign in Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct

Costs for a PPC campaign development (including keyword research + ad copies + campaign setup) start from $130, depending on a campaign’s scale.

Costs for a PPC campaign maintenance start from $90, depending on a number of ads and campaign optimization requirements (monthly keywords list build-up, regional optimization, making ads for new products/services and so on).

What makes contextual advertising efficient?

A PPC campaign may or may not be effective. It’s quite possible to lose all you have as well as to thrive with the very same budget. Some say that Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct just don’t pay off. It’s not true. They just can’t make it work.

Keep the following things in mind when running a PPC campaign:

1. Your position in an auction depends on two factors – CTR and CPC (which is up to you).
Meaning: you have to track both CTR and CPC.
2. Wherein, the impact of CTR is quite significant. The system would better display an ad with the $1 CPC rather than with $5. But only if the former one is five times more “clicked-through”.
Meaning: It’s hard to predict a CTR. You must always be optimizing each ad for better CTR.
3. It happens that when a campaign is maintained by a customer (or their marketer), they don’t have a time to look for a proper keywords research. It’s much easier for them to pick one or two most popular keywords. As a result, a customer gets a lot of traffic but no sales.
Meaning: You must have a large keywords list to succeed with a PPC campaign.
4. Sometimes a PPC campaign stops giving results after one or two successful months. The reason is simple: there are seasons in paid search (your rates are no longer enough for such a big number of views.
Meaning: Several PPC experts, including traffic analysts, should always control a campaign. It’s important to measure how effective a campaign is not only by CPA but by user engagement as well.
5. An advertising campaign is sometimes effective only for a couple months, but then it loses ground. The cause is simple: contextual advertising depends on seasonality (your rates are no longer enough for such a big number of views), on fluctuations due to newcomers (or those who leave the auction), even on users’ behavioral pattern (quieries that used to trigger the sales give way to other ones).
Meaning: an advertising campaign through Direct and Adwords should be under close and constant control of several experts, including traffic analysts. An advertising campaign effectiveness should be evaluated not only based on cost per acquired customer, but also on visitors’ stage of involvement.

Why should entrust PPC management to our agency?

  • We don’t waste your budget. At the very beginning, we identify a strategy that’ll work best for you. Strategies may be different but the goal is always the same – make your business more profitable.
  • We use both manual work and automation. Many agencies brag that their campaigns are completely automated. We are proud that we are writing all ads “manually”. We believe that it’s impossible to automate this process. On the other hand, we automate a process of keeping current positions and changing bets every five minutes. This way we are always able to make timely changes.
  • We carry out daily performance analyses (once again for those who don’t get it: we do it every day). It’s crucial if you want to succeed with a PPC campaign.
  • And the last reason. Before launching an advertising campaign we prepare landing pages for it. Sending paid traffic to irrelevant pages is a common mistake among our customers.
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