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Social Media Marketing

You want to promote your business on social media, right? Stop for a moment and ask yourself a question:

Do you really need it?

Why would you ask it? Nowadays business goes social – it’s a trend. If you don’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook public page, then you are behind everyone’s back. It’s a very popular opinion.

But is it true?

Trends come and go, while a marketing strategy, the basis of your business, stays forever. Do you really want to waste your budget on trendy social campaigns, if you are not sure that you’ll get a result?

Do you have to do it if…

  • …your website gets no traffic, but you want to get sales from social media?
  • …haven’t tried paid advertisement to get customers, but you think that you’ll get them from social media?
  • …you don’t have any unique competitive advantages, and you want social media to become this advantage (especially concerning B2B marketing)?

Social media is not a great channel for sales. But it’s an awesome medium to increase brand awareness and get loyal followers. Many experts claim that search engines will start counting social signals (likes, shares and visits from social media) soon.

That’s why today almost every business “goes social” – from large multinational brands to small private bakeries and barbershops.

Social media is a medium, not a technique!

Do not overestimate social media. In general, there is no such thing as social media marketing. But there exist communications, and social media is nothing but one of them. The whole social thing is to build connections with your potential customers. But you can’t do it without a foundation – your business must have some specific background.

So, do you have to go social?

You have to if your product or service has real competitive advantage, and you bet on getting closer to your audience.

Stages of an SMM campaign

First things first, we develop a social media content strategy. We identify most relevant networks and set a number or publications per week. Then we create prepare an editorial portfolio and schedule posts.

Of what kind should be content for social media?

First of all, it’s reasonable to bet on educational and entertaining content. Just because it works.

Social media posts should be short (no longer than 2000 characters), engaging and viral.

They could be lists of interesting facts, original graphics and video content, audios, industry news and, of course, sneak peeks of your latest blog posts.

What should you expect from social media marketing?

  • Better social signals
  • Brand awareness
  • More sales leads

Yes, you can get sales leads from social media – it’s a fact. We know how to do it and track social conversions.

Pricing for running a social media campaign starts from $650 a month. Fill and submit the form below to get a free consultation and discuss any details.

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