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Web Programming

A website may have a very attractive design, great content and so on, but you have to use scripts to make it interactive. They are the only way you can add surveys, feedback forms, search forms and many other useful elements to your website.

What do we mean by web programming services?

  • Audit of website’s functions

We develop new modules, fix bugs and defects in an old system, make redesign and update a page coding according to changing conditions and requirements.

  • Integration of payment systems

Integration of a payment system is crucial for any e-commerce project. With such systems, users can pay for your products without leaving a website.

Nowadays there exist a lot of various payment systems. Moreover, they are industry sensitive. For example, depending on a value of business’ turnover or a currency, you should give preference to this or that service. Integration of a payment system requires knowledge and understanding of many professional aspects. Contact us, and we promise to help you quick and at reasonable prices.

  • Import/export of website data

Commercial projects with huge turnover of information require an organized system of data synchronization. Bilateral transfer of files is carried out by means of special services which scrape constantly updating data.

Such service can help with making large product catalogues and cards. A reverse process (data export) helps control company’s activities, create reports, archive data or collect statistics. We are ready to help you to develop sync systems of any complexity, for any CMS.

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