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Google Penalty Recovery

People often contact us and complain that their websites (which had been recently working great) stopped getting organic traffic. In most cases, the reason is a Google penalty. It can be applied for link manipulation, thin or outdated content and so on – there are more potential violations than you can imagine.

Google penalty is not a surprise – many businesses still fall into a trap of black hat SEOs.

Google penalty is not a death penalty

Penalty recovery is possible with help of modern link analysis tools. It’s a very complicated and, in most cases, long-term process which requires a detailed research of reasons for a penalty.

You can try to recover by yourself, but we recommend giving this job to specialists having experience in this sphere – this way you’ll get a result and significantly shorten this process (which can take many months for users with no experience).

Google penalty recovery services at our agency

Texterra offers Google penalties recovery services. We have a deep experience –we know exactly what to do, what is urgent, and how to save a penalized website from a complete failure.

Was your website penalized? Each day your website is under penalty, you keep losing traffic, sales leads and customers. Don’t waste your time – fill and submit the form below and we’ll give you a free consultation.

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