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Website Design and Development

Designing a website is an art that personifies the nature and specifics of any business or entity. Hence, it is very significant to understand the arts and crafts of designing a website by paying attention to the expounding of its structure and format. And we take the edge in this field and deliver the best of our creativity and design concepts.

We have the expertise and an extensive background in building websites for companies with various types of services across the globe. Our concept for the websites always works on the philosophy of thinking outside the box. We exhaust every innovative and creative idea to build and design a website making the customers or visitors associate their needs realistically. We even create simple things most creatively.

We have served clients and professional entities around the globe. Our rigorous analysis and the competency to successfully handle the most complicated design projects have always rewarded us with the very best of the deal.

The initial phase of the website development

Significantly, we focus on the site structure which lays the foundation for the concept that is needed to be designed. It clarifies how robust and presentable the site must look. We also analyze the design of the website and the level of coding skills as per the idea and the needs of the client. We take our expertise to the utmost level to produce the most interactive website.

Stages of website development at our agency:

  • Defining customer’s business features, its advantages, and disadvantages.
  • Competitive and traffic analysis of competitors’ websites.
  • Keyword research.
  • Relevant map development. In other words, it’s a development of a site structure based on the approved keywords list.
  • Once the structure is approved, then we start developing a design.

What about prices?

  • Starting price for a single page website $2000
  • Startinig price for a corporate website $2700
  • Starting price for an e-commerce website $3500

The price can vary depending on the technical skills required or the demand for further improvements requested by the client.

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