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There once was a time when it was possible to be successful at SEO with literally any website.All you had to do was to buy a bunch of links and write some mediocre copies. Nowadays it won’t work. The thing is that when a business owner comes to an SEO agency, he shows a pretty (but not always), accurate (but not always) and even content rich (but not always) website, but it’s basically impossible to promote it. Why?

That’s because this website doesn’t have a proper structure optimized for a large keywords list.

That’s because this website, even if it has a wow-design that makes a great first impression, offers very poor UX.

The problem is that 99% of websites, not developed by SEM qualified experts, are doomed to long and painful wanderings through the desert of no traffic. After coming with such a website to an agency, business owners don’t want to change a thing in it – they’ve put so many efforts in choosing corporate colors and pictures for sliders.

The starting point of a website development

It’s not so easy to develop a robust and representative website. You’ll have to work hard since day one. For example, we never start giving ideas on a design for our clients before we finish with a site structure. And we don’t develop a site structure until there is no relevance map. And there is no reason to create a relevance map until you have no keywords list.

In other words, we conduct a deep research before we start developing a website. This way a website development service is priced not only by design and coding expenses.

Stages of website development at our agency:

  • Defining customer’s business features, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Competitive analysis, traffic analysis of competitors’ websites.
  • Keyword research.
  • Relevance map development. In other words, it’s a development of a site structure based on the approved keywords list.

Only after approving a structure, we start developing a design.

The same time a project goes into the development, our content department starts cooking copies like crazy.

Oh, sorry.

They start writing unique content that sells. The only thing left is to put your copies and design on some CMS.

What about prices?

  • Starting from $1200 for a single page website;
  • Starting from $2300 for a corporate website;
  • Starting from $2800 for an e-commerce website.

Prices include unique design layout, website coding and further improvements of (in fact, a price mostly depends on a number of queries).

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