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Landing Page Creation

A good landing page is a perfect tool for capturing leads and sales increase. It clearly motivates a potential customer to perform your desired action: making a purchasing decision, newsletter subscription, membership registration, etc. That’s why you should definitely use it in your online marketing strategy.

What elements should an effective landing page have?

If you google a phrase “how to create an effective landing page”, you will see a lot of web pages describing the same must-have elements: a catchy headline containing keywords, a clear offer proposition, several calls to action, features and benefits of a product or service, customer reviews (at least the fake ones) and so on. For someone, it may even seem that building a landing page that converts is the simplest thing on Earth! Add all these elements, and the trick is done. But in reality this is very far from truth.

In reality, the effectiveness of a landing page doesn’t depend on the set of chosen elements. It depends on how good you are at creating hypotheses and verifying them with the help of A/B-tests.

  • What do users like on your page?
  • What makes them leave?
  • Why do they read a copy for a long time but don’t fill the form?

Having found the answers to these questions, you would be able to make a suggestion on which of the landing page elements prevents people from taking a desired action, and confirm (or dispose) it with the help of A/B-testing. This is the only way to develop a landing page that sells: create a page -> look at user behavior -> build a hypothesis -> make changes -> increase conversion rate till the level that will completely satisfy you.

Why should you order landing page development in our agency?

  • We have been developing landing pages for a very long time. Since the moment they had just appeared.
  • We don’t use templates. We design a unique landing page for each product or service.
  • We understand what sales triggers are. We know how to use calls to action, social proofs and click-baits. We know how they work but, what is even more importantly, we know when they’ll never work.
  • When the landing page is done, we run several A/B-tests and make changes to improve the conversion rate.
  • We are satisfied with our work only in one single case – when a landing page brings leads and clients.
  • Our portfolio contains landing pages with abnormally high conversion rates. One of our own landing pages selling online marketing services gave us once 46 leads during a month.
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7 steps to creating a landing page

  1. Determining a concept of a page
  2. Content creation
  3. Wireframing
  4. Mock up design
  5. Coding a page for different browsers and resolutions
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. A/B-testing

Each step is coordinated with a customer.

What about price?

The price of a landing page in our company starts from $350, and depends on difficulty of design and coding. The deadline: 1-3 business days after making an agreement.

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