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SEO, as we’ve known it for many years, doesn’t work anymore. Search quality gets better and better. Day by day search robots become more sophisticated. Therefore, there’s no universal recipe for getting top rankings.

We don’t give empty promises to our customers. And we don’t guarantee that your website will start ranking no. 1 overnight. We honestly say that it takes a long time to succeed with promoting a website. If an agency offers you a different way and promises quick results, then you should think twice before working with them.

Search engine marketing solutions at Texterra

We offer the most advantageous way of cooperation – Pay for Organic Traffic. This way it’s possible to get best results at minimum expenses.

We work in the following directions:

  • We do keyword research. A final keyword list contains not only popular phrases but long-tail and extremely long-tail keywords as well.
  • We optimize your website’s structure.
  • Our team of copywriters, proofreaders and editors starts creating content.
  • We do on-page SEO to make your website meet search engines’ technical guidelines.
  • We keep working on improving your website’s search visibility and conversion rates. We improve user and usage data and publish press releases and guest posts on popular relevant portals.

No black hat techniques and link manipulations.

How it works

First of all, give us a call at + 44-20-35191970

Or send us an email to

A cost is calculated individually – with website’s industry specifics, its competitive ability and domain age in mind. The final cost depends on two elements: a prime cost (which is fixed) + a varying fee (which depends on results achieved). It is calculated using the formula A-B-C = D*E, where:

  • A – monthly organic traffic (you choose a preferred analytics system; we recommend Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica).
  • B – irrelevant monthly traffic.
  • C – monthly organic traffic that your site had been receiving before you started working with us. This figure is constant. It’s fixed in the contract specification.
  • D – current organic traffic.
  • E – a cost of one search engine organic visit.

The analytics department of Texterra determines the relevance of industry search queries. Then we do keyword research. After agreeing every detail with you, we make final edits. Payment is made after we had signed a formal service agreement.

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