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10 Reasons Why You Must Use Infographics in Content Marketing

4 September 2015 Svetlana Kuznetsova
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Infographics can be helpful for almost any business. It’s a pretty simple, but still effective tool, appreciated by many people. All you need to create an infographic is to collect facts concerning some interesting topis, order them correctly and visualize them. We are going to tell you why you should include infographics in your content marketing strategy.

1. Infographics get you links

A single infographic may give a big boost to your link profile. Make sure to place an embed code so other blogger can easily share it. Many reposts will give you a lot of natural inbound. Thus, one good infographic may drive lots of visits to your site.

“Yummy” infographics spread over the internet like hot pizza

2. Infographics grow your audience

Sharing an infographic on social media is a great way to expand your audience. If many people like it then social activity around it can help promote your social page. The fact is that every day people share infographics. The more people know about your brand, the more subscribers you get.

Search for support on social media

3. Infographics promote your blog

Infographics posted on your blog make your readers more active. If it’s really interesting and useful then readers will leave a feedback ten to one. Comments, discussion threads, likes – that’s what you get in case your product is made with content love.

Initiate audience’s activity on your blog

4. Infographics build relations with a target audience

Plenty of well-made content (including infographics) helps to establish relations between you and your target audience. The more interesting publications your blog has, the stronger are your ties with a target audience.

Turn readers into your friends and followers

5. Infographics make people trust you

When posting actual, helpful, and fancy designed information, you get a great advantage: you tell not only about your brand and offers, but you also teach your audience something new (for example, sharing facts people haven’t known before). Therefore, you establish yourself as an industry expert and make people think that you are a thought leader.

Seth Godin was the first to tell how to turn strangers into friends

6. Infographics promote your brand

An infographic can and must include your logo and main idea, reflect the concept of your brand. In fact, it must be your “voice”, just like any other content you publish. Use infographics correctly to raise brand awareness.

Establish your brand with great content

7. Infographics educate people

One of the main features of inbound marketing is that it educates audience by providing only useful and important information when people search something. From this point of view, infographics have a great potential. Images sink into the mind (scientifically proven fact: people remember 80% of what they seen, but only 20% of what they read), so it gives you the opportunity to share information with your audience concisely. Don’t miss this opportunity to educate your audience.

Let your audience discover something new

8. Infographics go viral

Infographic is a viral content by genre. At least it has all the chances to spread over the web like a virus. As we already told, people love infographics, they love to share, download, print, and so on.

Interesting information tends to spread fast

9. Infographics are multifunctional

To increase brand’s popularity, you can use infographics not only over the internet. This tool has one big advantage: with its’ help you can solve several marketing tasks at the same time. For example, you can publish an infographic on offline medias.

Infographics can be helpful even in offline

10. Infographics drive traffic

This is what you want – infographics get inbound links, grow your audience, which means they drive traffic. Create good content constantly and you’ll get the result.

It’s easy to measure how effective is your content marketing: the better your content is, the faster your brand grows

How often do you use infographics in your content marketing strategy?

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