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You can promote your website by yourself, without hiring a digital marketing agency. How? We’ll tell you.

Be responsible for your digital marketing campaign!

You want to make your website a primary source of sales? But you don’t want to hire digital marketing agencies? You may have different reasons for it:

  • Your budget is limited
  • You were once disappointed with an SEO agency
  • You believe that your copywriters can write content better than third-party ones

There is only one thing that stops you from making these plans go live – you know nothing about digital marketing.

Believe us, you are not alone. Nowadays a lot of companies face this problem. We will help you solve it by developing a step by step instruction to getting results. All you have to do is to follow it.

The recipe for a proper digital marketing campaign:

1. Build a large keywords list

The only effective way to get organic target traffic is to optimize your copies for all possible search queries. You must include every relevant long-tail keyword.

2. Create great content for your website

Content is the most important piece. A proper content strategy will help you get more audience, increase brand awareness and establish yourself as an expert.

What’s in it for you to contact us?

It’s a full-scale research of industry relevant keywords (not only high-volume keywords but mainly long-tail ones) and a clear structure of a keywords list for an entire structure of your website. As a result, you’ll get two documents:

  • Relevance map
  • Content marketing strategy for your project

With these documents, you’ll be able to make your plans go live by yourself, without hiring a digital marketing agency.

Relevance map

Relevance map is a document with a list of groups of keywords distributed along an entire website structure – including 2000+ keywords, and no less. This document is a starting point for all projects at our agency.

A relevance map includes:

  • Optimized site structure (we make changes in your website’s structure if it’s necessary for better search visibility and usability).
  • Relevant groups of keywords distributed along website sections.
  • Internal linking structure. We analyze how all website pages are going to interact with each other through internal links. Internal linking is necessary – it makes visitors view more pages.
  • Recommendations on H1, Title, Description on each page of a website.

A relevance map is a tool that:

  • Gives you the ability to develop a content plan with keywords in mind.
  • Helps your copywriters use proper keywords on proper pages.
  • Allows you running PPC campaigns.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy is a second document, and it’s used together with a relevance map. To develop a CM-strategy, we research your industry, business and competitors: their strategy, traffic channels and content. This document contains the following points:

  • Your goals.
  • Target audience analysis.
  • Your competitors’ strategies.
  • Types of content you should be using.
  • Content promotion channels.
  • Team management recommendations.
  • Reputation management recommendations.
  • Performance analysis (metrics to measure results).

What are these documents for?

With these documents, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a clear content plan.
  • Create content based on tasks listed in a content marketing strategy.
  • Use keywords from a relevance map in your copies.
  • Use appropriate channels to get traffic.
  • Measure results.

We have developed more than 200 content marketing strategies!

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