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Effective Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest internet marketing distribution channels. It’s been used for traffic and lead generation for more than ten years. No surprise, it’s been overgrown with myths over such a long period of time. These myths distort the understanding of what email marketing really is and lead to the fact that online business refuses to use it, losing one of the most powerful channels of income.

Why is email marketing still effective?

High loyalty of subscribers. Agreeing to receive your newsletter, subscribers initially show high loyalty – they are interested in your products/services and content that you provide. To convert such users into customers is much easier than, for example, those who come from search engines and see your website for the first time.

Targeting ability. Email marketing is the fastest way to appeal personally to every user. Correct targeting (gender, spheres of interest, location and so on) can become an incredibly effective marketing weapon.

High deliverability. You can’t be sure that your new blog post will be paid attention to – only a small part of your target audience visits your site daily. Speaking about email marketing, things go much better. Modern internet users check their mailboxes several times a day. It means that your message will be more likely read (especially if an email marketer knows how to write catchy headlines).

A lot of metrics to track. How many people opened your letter, clicked it, when it happened, what country they are from, what goods/services they were looking at, what they bought – all these metrics allow to optimize newsletter according to specific features of target audience, thus they allow to make it as profitable as possible.

Email marketing in Texterra

Today our staff contains several professional email marketers, whose main task is to deep dive into customer’s business and write sales newsletters. These people are specialists in this sphere and know exactly, what should be written in a newsletter to cause a desire to visit a site and study products. Neither SMM marketer, nor copywriter, nor anybody else who writes in a company can do it.

In our agency we use MailChimp to organize newsletters, because it’s still the best service – lots of options, high deliverability and adaptive web design, which is especially important in the epoch of mobile traffic growth.

Stages of work on email marketing:

  1. Study of customer’s business features
  2. Email strategy development
  3. Content plan development
  4. Work with a current subscribers list, segmentation
  5. Design development
  6. Creation of email letters
  7. A/B-testing
  8. Statistics research
  9. Making changes

We also attract new subscribers in parallel with all these stages.

The price of email marketing in our agency: $600 per month with a newsletter frequency of once per week.

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