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Keyword Research

A keyword list is a list of all possible search queries which your prospects can use when searching for your products or services. Keyword research is a crucial part of any marketing campaign and one of the main long-term success factors. Why?

Let’s see.

Why 10-20 highest-volume keywords are not enough?

It often happens that customers come to our agency and ask if we can optimize their websites for 10-20 highest-volume keywords. They think that if they rank high for these keywords, they’ll be getting a stable flow of organic traffic and customers. Actually, they won’t. Or we’d rather say they almost won’t be getting it. Yes, top positions for a dozen of high-volume keywords will definitely give you a lot of traffic. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll get sales as well.

Imagine people searching for “copywriting”. Do they want to order your services? Or do they want to learn the definition of this term? Or maybe they even want to become copywriters? That’s why focusing on high-volume keywords only is not an option. A diverse keyword list will give you much better results.

Do you believe us? If no, then you should know the following facts.

Benefits of diversifying a keyword list

  • Sophisticated budget distribution

User and usage data “fortifies” websites on top positions. Users click them so often that search engines consider these websites as top quality standard. They just won’t let other ones take their place. That why it takes great efforts to get high positions. That’s what many business owners actually do. They are trying to take the top by the storm. Instead of doing this, they could’ve collected as much traffic with mid-volume and long-tail keywords and start getting customers.

  • Guaranteed results

When you’re asking to optimize your website for high-volume queries, there are no guarantees of success. Even the most experienced marketers can’t tell when your website will get the desired positions. Never mind if it will get them at all. Google uses more than 200 ranking factors, and even Googlers don’t know for sure why one website ranks higher than others. When optimizing for long-tail keywords, you get guarantees because there is either no competition or it’s very low.

  • Traffic with high conversion rates

You can’t know what users want if they visit your website after searching for a “bicycle”. Wherein, you are absolutely sure about their intentions when they are searching for “blue boys’ bicycles”. It’s much easier to convert such visitors into customers.

Why do you need to order a keyword research service from an agency?

You may use general keyword research tools. For example, with Google Keyword Planner, you’ll get some kind of results. “Some kind” here stands for mediocre, below average. If you want to get a diverse and high-quality keyword list, it’s necessary to use more robust services (most of them are paid) and understand the basics of this process.

The cost of keyword research services

The cost of this service depends on your industry (while 500 keywords are enough for some industries, others may need more than 5000 ones). The minimum cost of keyword research services at our agency is $200. Keyword research + allocation of keywords to relevant pages – $400.

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