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On-Page Optimization

If you are searching for cheap SEO services, then you’re in danger of hiring an unfair agency and getting your website penalized. They offer SEO packages at low prices and usually practice manipulative techniques like link exchange.

On the other hand, top SEO agencies charge thousands of dollars for their services.

So, how do you get customers on low budgets? Keep reading to find out.

Low cost fair SEO services are real!

If you’re not ready to spend big money at this moment, we have a special SEO package for you for as low as $190 a month. It includes only those services without which it’s not even possible to rank high. After we finish with them, your website will get a good search visibility and become user-friendly. And, if you carefully follow our recommendations, you’ll start getting a stable flow of leads and customers.

A detailed work plan

1. Keyword research

  • We do keyword research and identify target search queries (long-tail, mid-volume and high-volume).
  • Then we assign keywords to relevant pages of your website.

2. Website audit and technical maintenance. Optimization mistakes fixes.

  • We perform a comprehensive website audit (on-page and off-page SEO audit).
  • We fix optimization mistakes found after the audit.
  • We monitor key website indicators in Google Search Console.
  • We make necessary edits in sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
  • We provide technical website maintenance. We make suggestions on how to improve your website.
  • We keep fixing occurring defects and mistakes, operating within the monthly budget.

3. Content optimization

  • We analyze current website content (sections, subsections, posts and so on). Then we partially make content over for SEO purposes.
  • We optimize metadata. We put mid-volume and long-tail keywords on all website’s pages. Then we write title and description tags for humans.

4. Project curation

  • Once a month we give you a list of recommendations on how to improve a website that you and your staff can implement without our help.
  • Our experts keep maintaining your project (providing fast support on any website bugs or mistakes and consulting on question concerning digital marketing).

It’s important! This package is not a one-time service. The minimum length of cooperation is 8 months. In the first month we are thoroughly working on a website and fixing most of mistakes. In the following months we are maintaining a project and making detailed plans of recommendations. If you want this to order this package for one month, then pricing will differ. Contact us and our managers will consult you on pricing.

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